Girl Gamers – There Are More Of Us Than You Think!

A lot of people think that girls and women don’t play video games. In fact, it’s highly likely that just as many women game as men do. While some women have been playing video games their whole lives, others are just getting started. Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you want to try your hand at some games, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are lots of different platforms to play on, and not to mention lots of different types of game. Should you play on a PC or an Xbox? Are you the sort of person who likes first-person shooters or would you rather play strategy games? The world of gaming is more complex than a lot of people think. If you don’t know where to start, try using this guide to find the right games for you.

What Are You Interested In?

Before you choose a platform, it’s best to think a bit about what sort of games you want to play. Different platforms will lend themselves to different games. So it’s worth thinking about what you’re interested in before making any purchases. For example, there’s platform games. Almost everyone will be familiar with these, one example being the Mario Brothers games. They involve jumping between platforms to collect items and complete goals. You can play platform games on any gaming platform. But if you enjoy first-person shooter games you might prefer a Xbox or Playstation. A social gamer who wants to play World of Warcraft or a simulation gamer who wants to play SimCity, and The Sims might think about using a PC.

Another thing to consider is where you want to be able to play games. If you’re happy only being able to play at home, then a PC or games console like a Xbox will suit you fine. But if you want to take your gaming out and about, you might choose a gaming laptop or a portable device like a PSP.


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Choosing a Platform

Now that you’ve thought about what sort of games you want to play, you can think a bit more about the platform you should use. Many people think that if you have a desktop or laptop computer, you will be able to play computer games straight away. But this isn’t always the case, as many games require a high-performance PC. If you do decide to game on the PC, which can be great for playing lots of games from all genres, you might choose to buy a custom gaming PC. You don’t have to buy one of these right away, but you might decide you want something more high-performance later down the line.

All of the gaming consoles tend to specialize in a particular genre. For example, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games are often family-friendly and suitable for everyone. The Wii is also great if you want to get physical and move around. Similarly, if you get a Xbox with Kinect you can play similar games involving movement. Like PCs, the Xbox offers a great range of games. The other option is a PlayStation, which has a smaller game library but excellent sound and graphics for a high-quality gaming experience.

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