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To get rid of the day’s fatigue, you need not squander money on expensive spa treatments, try doing it the geek way. There are a range of cool, affordable and effective massagers to relax you head-to toe without really emptying your pockets. Try these geeky massagers for an appeasing experience.

Rest your head on Super Mario

Super Mario will now “1-up” with your stress and give your spinning head an ultimate relaxation. The cute electric head massager inspired by the famous Super Mario gives you the much needed massage after a long hectic day. It runs on 2 * AA battery, which is placed underneath n such a way that it can not be felt at all by the head.

Price: $11.99

Available at Dealextreme

Soothe your tired eyes with Merlin Eye Massager

It’s a super-soothing eye massager which also has an in-built high quality relaxing sounds from nature. It uses a CPU and a vibrating heat pads to get you rid of all the fatigue.

Price: $150

Available at Merlin Digital

Facial Ion Massager

The multi-purpose Ion Massager gives your face a deep massage for a healthy skin. Ions help lotion reach your deepest skin for complete nourishment. The Ion massager is very effective in removing wrinkles.

Price: $14.00

Available at Gadget4all

Sit back and relax on Homedics Ultimate Comfort Back Massager

Hi-tech back massagers often come as expensive massage chairs but Homedics Ultimate Back massager is affordable yet very effective. It’s simple, portable and lets your muscles relax in serenity with eight invigorating massage motors.

Price: $49.99

Available at Macy’s

Geek your LED Sandal

The virtual super geek LED Sandal is not only an effective foot massager but also an eco-friendly product. It uses different types of recycled LEDs to relax your foot muscles. The cool massager comes as a DIY kit to enable you to custom design your sandal for more or less pressure.480729

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