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In a world of business that changes from one day to the next, knowing where to put your money for the best results can be difficult. While every business has a range of considerations to make based on what they sell, key investments can vastly improve your standing with the general public. These 3 recommendations will work wonders:

1. A Good Social Marketing Manager

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers claimed social media marketing was important to their business in 2014, and the influence of technology in business today is undeniable. Promoting a positive relationship with your customers means having a well-maintained social presence. While it might seem appealing to simply delegate these responsibilities to one of your employees, the volume of jobs a social marketing manager does, coupled with their benefits, deserves a position of its own.

The ideal social marketing manager has an understanding of these 3 concepts:

Search engine optimisation: Having a website that ranks highly on Google is a complex process. It incorporates not only keywords on your website but also a user-friendly interface for both computer and mobile users.
Pictures worth a thousand words: Your business may not be a very visual one, but today’s internet users respond positively to high-quality, original images. Associate key images with your business and you will generate higher interest.
Professionalism in all areas: Customer service is a major factor in business today, especially when your response to customer feedback is scrutinised by a wider audience. Employing someone who is professional and helpful in all their electronic dealings will help your business immensely.

2. Up-To-Date Technology

With innovations like the cloud so prevalent in today’s business world, ignoring new tech to focus on improving outdated systems will only set you back. Looking at your options when it comes to the free storage on the cloud compared to a paid expansion allows you to spread your ideas further. Buying phone systems that can adapt to new high-speed connections and keep your customers informed lets you focus on your most important priorities. Speak to a business communications specialist like Com2 Communications about your options in this area.

3. A Well-Selected, Well-Developed Team

As obvious as this investment is, a surprising amount of businesses don’t think about who is interacting with their clients. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, says “learn to look after your staff, and the rest will follow”. Look for like-minded individuals who, even if they may not have years of experience, have the drive to help your business grow. A team of experts is rarely all knowledgeable to begin with; an investment of time, money, and communication turns them into an integral part of a positive image.

There is no such thing as one size fits all – there might be smarter investments for your company to make than the ones listed here. However, the recommendations made are general enough that even the addition of just one can significantly increase your business potential. What investments do you think companies should be making as we move further into the 21st century? Share your thoughts below.