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The demand for spacious, stylish and contemporary bathrooms in our homes is as strong as ever. In fact, with technology moving fast, now is a great time to take a look at what’s available to turn your bathroom into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Wet Rooms

According to recent figures, the wet room market is expected to increase by a third by 2019, which represents the fastest growing segment of the UK bathroom market. In a separate study, Anglian Home Improvements found that nearly half of those asked would add a wet room to their home.

As more and more people regard their bathrooms as a place of luxury and relaxation, wet rooms are beginning to outstrip traditional bathrooms as the preferred format. Adding a touch of spa retreat or hotel luxury to the home, wet rooms are seen as a stylish and fresh alternative to regular bathrooms.

What’s more, wet rooms are now recognised as a sensible flexible option for changing future needs, including mobility and disability requirements, which makes a wet room a sound investment for the family home.

Wet room products used to be expensive to buy and complicated to install. No longer – costs relating to both products and installation are falling. Innovations in technology have furthermore led to a wide variety of new products emerging, with more choice available than ever before.

The same goes for ease of installation. Creating a gradient for proper draining is achieved by installing a subfloor, a ready made sloping shower former or a huge pre-formed tray. Applying a high quality dry tanking membrane to the floor after the falls have been formed, followed by tiling the area creates a waterproof surface. These formers can be used in any room in your home, enabling a conversion to a wet room to be completed in a little as one day!

Smart Showers

With our increasing dependence on smart devices in our everyday lives, it is perhaps not surprising that smart technology is getting more popular in bathrooms too. The latest electric showers can now use Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to operate the controls remotely via a control panel or smartphone app.

The advancement of digital technology in bathroom installations – with computer controlled LCD screens and WiFi connectivity – is giving us more control and options for personalising the bathroom experience.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working with a selection of Sussex-based companies including The Brighton Bathroom Company, who were consulted over this post.