Great Software to Get The Most From Your Computer

Today, we’re going to look at unlocking the potential behind your computer or laptop. Many of us use our computers every day but aren’t taking full advantage of their speed and capacity. There are thousands of free upgrades and downloads out there. Many won’t be appropriate for your lifestyle, but there are plenty that could help you out. The programmes listed below will help keep your computer secure, back it up and run it faster. Let’s take a look at the essentials.


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A good mail client

We’ve all got tons of email addresses, right? There’s your work email, your personal email and that one you use to sign up for offers. That one’s usually full of spam! Logging in to each one separately is a big hassle. Instead, install a mail client software and bring all of your emails together in one place. This is vital for efficient communication in business.

Additional browsers

For the tech savvy, multiple browsers has always been a necessity. However, most people stick with what their computer comes with. For mac users it’s Safari, for Windows users it’s usually Internet Explorer. It’s worth checking out some others like Firefox or Google Chrome. They can often be faster and more secure.

Disc rippers

Disc ripping software can help you create data discs and multi media discs. If you need to transfer huge amounts of data, you can easily compress it onto a CD. You can harness blueray copying on your computer and duplicate DVDs. Use this software to make a new mixtape or pass DVDs to friends.

Backup software

There is no worse feeling than your hard drive crashing and losing all of your data and work. Photos, information and work can all be gone in a split second if you don’t have a backup. One option is using an external hard drive. However, we’d also suggest using a cloud backup service like Dropbox. This will store all of your data on an internet server. You can quickly access all of your lost files.

Image editor

Nowadays, most of us keep all of our photos digitally. The most efficient way of doing this is using an image editing software. It will help you group and organise photos into albums. You can edit them right down to contrast, brightness and composition. Although the professional image suites cost hundreds, there are plenty of free alternatives.

Anti virus

Computer viruses aren’t quite as commonplace as they once were. Modern computers are built with solid barriers in place. Despite that, it’s still worth installing a secondary anti virus system. There are great free versions out there and they’ll give you some extra protection. Most importantly, it will give you a little peace of mind.

Office suite

Finally, you don’t have to pay a fortune to have Microsoft Office functions on your computer. Search for cheap or free alternatives that are just as good. You’ll get word document functions as well as spreadsheets and presentations.

These are just the essentials to boost your computer’s efficiency and protection. There are many more programmes out there to suit your needs. Your computer is a blank canvas. Go ahead and fill it with everything you need.

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