The Best Tech-Centric Christmas Gifts This Year


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If you’re struggling to think of the best Christmas gifts for your children this year, you’d better make your decision pretty quickly. There are now only two weeks to go, and most of the stores in your local high street will start to sell out of the most desirable items very soon. With that in mind, we’ve published this articles as a means of offering assistance. We know how hard it can be to keep abreast of all the latest tech, and we know how much your kids want to keep up with their friends. So, instead of spoiling the surprise and asking them what they would like, why not select something from this page? Everything mentioned is perfect for teenagers. Just make sure they haven’t got it already. While it can be difficult to get into their messy bedroom, it’s best to check. The last thing you want is a child with two PlayStation 4s. You’d never get them to come downstairs again.

Don’t worry too much if you’re on a tight budget this year. We’ve done our best to include some cheap items too. Not everyone has £500 lying around in their bank account, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kids the best Christmas ever. You just need to think outside the box and spend time looking online for the best prices. If there is no other option, don’t be afraid of purchasing good quality second-hand items. With the price of modern technology, sometimes we have no other choice.

Gaming PC

Presuming your child loves nothing more than to spend their free time playing video games, investing in a top of the range PC could be ideal. Not only will these devices handle their favourite games with ease, but they can also be used to help complete school work. More and more learning establishments rely on computers these days, and so it’s important that your child keeps up with their classmates. If you have slightly less money to spend, why not consider the possibility of gaming laptops. They are usually a bit cheaper than desktop machines, but they can perform just as well.

PlayStation 4

Unless they have one already, you child’s eyes will light up the second they see you’ve purchased a PlayStation 4. While those devices might have cost over £500 at the start of 2014, they have since come down in price considerably. It is now possible to get hold of the console and two games for as little as £350 if you look in the right places. Again, you should always check the websites of respected online sellers. That is especially the case this close to Christmas. As most people have already purchased their presents, game suppliers are now expecting a drop in sales. That means they have to offer great deals and lower their prices to attract people.

iPhone 6

If your child spends a long time texting and using social media from their smartphone, perhaps it might be wise to purchase the latest edition. The new iPhone 6 has received rave reviews from customers all over the world. While there might have been a few teething problems when the product was launched, they were soon sorted out. On the release date, standard iPhone 6 devices were on the market at around £600. However, you can now get them for half that price if you check online auction sites. Sometimes getting a used product isn’t the end of the world if you will save hundreds of pounds. You can get any damaged fixed for a minimal investment too. So, there is no need to worry if you buy something with a few marks on the screen.

Nexus tablet

While there are lots of different tablet devices on the market today, those produced by Nexus offer the best value for money. We promised we’d include a few cheap items, right? Well, you can get this tablet for less than £100 from certain retailers. That is at least £200 cheaper than you can expect to pay when purchasing an iPad or something similar. Nexus tablets come in a wide range of different sizes and use the android operating system. That means your child won’t be downloading anything from the Apple store. Even so; the apps and games available are just as good. Many app developers now make identical products for both Apple and Android devices.

Xbox One

If you’re looking for an alternative to the PlayStation 4, you should most certainly consider the Xbox One. That machine is produced by Microsoft, and so it easily links with any modern laptop or desktop machines using Windows. Every game imaginable is available for this console, and it offers an amazing online server. That means your gaming child could spend their evenings competing with friends all over the world. Presuming you decide the Xbox One is a good idea for Christmas, make sure you purchase lots of accessories. Your child is going to need some official headphones and a decent microphone to make communication easier.

Beats headphones (by Dr. Dre)

They might be the most expensive headphones you’ll buy in your life, but they also offer the best sound quality. Unlike some other products with celebrity endorsement, these music listening devices are worth every single penny. If you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred pounds, you can also get Bluetooth speakers that work just as well. We’ve tested some out over the last couple of months and found them to be fantastic. You are never going to hear bass sounds like this from such small devices anywhere else. These headphones are a revolution in music technology, and your child is going to love them.

Now you’ve had time to read through all those suggestions, we hope you are ready to go out and purchase some brilliant gifts. Remember, Christmas isn’t about how much you spend. It’s always the thought that counts. So, don’t feel too disheartened if you haven’t got enough money to get everything your child wants. There is always next year.

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