The Job Market Outlook for IT Graduates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an individual with an associate’s degree in information technology (IT) may qualify for jobs as computer support specialists and web developers. As of 2012, computer support specialists earned, on average, $48,900 annually while web developers possessing an associate’s degree in IT earned a median salary of $62,500.

The 10-year job outlook for computer support specialists during the period of 2012-2022 predicts a need for another 123,000 employees, or a 17 percent job growth over 10 years, in this area of information technology. The number of web developers is expected to grow at a 20 percent rate over the next 10 years, requiring 28,500 new developers by 2022. These two positions and their faster than average 10 year growth rates highlight the importance of finding an associate’s degree program in information technology.

The Growing Popularity of IT College Degree Programs

Programs in IT are growing in popularity as more and more of our world has shifted toward the individual technologies that control many different aspects of our lives. Possessing an IT college degree means that you can be involved in the development of applications and other computer based solutions designed to make life easier. These include those applications and programs for mobile phones, laptop and tablet computers, security systems, and other devices that require programming and support.

Given a median salary of $48,900 to $62,500 for associate’s degree graduates in the field of information technology and the growing demand for these graduates in the coming years, having the core knowledge provided by this degree program serves as a stepping stone to other opportunities that may become available through experience and continuing education.

What Does it Take to Earn an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology

Earning an associate’s degree in information technology requires a willingness to learn basic programming languages and web development protocols. This knowledge will provide you with the flexibility needed to gain entrance into the IT field at the entry level and serve as the core for any future training and education that you may seek as your move on to other career opportunities within the IT field.

While the science of IT includes a core of math and computer sciences courses, the art of IT includes design and graphics arts. If you invest in a program that provides you with an understanding of not only the hard science associated with information technology but also the artistry that is necessary to separate you from other candidates in the field, your chances of landing one of the many well-paying jobs that will become available over the course of the next 10 years will be that much better.

Getting Started in an Information Technology Associate’s Degree Program

If you are considering to get started in an information technology associate’s degree program, you should investigate the accreditation and qualifications of any provider you choose. You should feel confident in the course of study that they offer, which will permit you to obtain the knowledge you need to get your degree and be competitive in the marketplace as an IT professional. The school you choose for your training should also fit your schedule and the demands of your everyday life in order to motivate you to not only start the program but also complete your courses in a reasonable amount of time.

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