Top 5 Tips for Online Dating

Online dating has radically changed how people meet each other and, consequently, how relationships start and develop over time. Arguably, these changes have occurred for the better.

Random, often alcohol-fuelled interactions in pubs, clubs and at weddings used to be the prevalent way for singletons to meet and begin new relationships. Now love, or a chance at it anyway, is nothing but a few quick clicks of a mouse button away…

Ok so, admittedly, it’s maybe not quite as simple as the plethora of online dating sites may claim, but online dating is definitely worth a shot, and you may find these tips may help increase your chance of finding success and love…

1. Pick a profile photo that’s both honest and flattering.

Of course you’ll want to use a profile picture that prevents you at your very finest, but you’ve got to remember that, if things progress well when you start chatting to someone, the next logical step forward is to meet that person, and so it’s massive important to choose a photo that looks like you. Think of the Berocca adverts: you, but on a good day!

Although this tip is incredibly obvious, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who pick profile pics that are from years ago,  and this can be quite misleading, therefore using a recent photo is the definitely the right thing to do.

2. Give the online process enough time.

Simply finding someone online whose photos you find attractive, and who has hobbies and interests similar to your own doesn’t guarantee an instantaneous and perfect match for life. As is the case with meeting someone in “real life”, it takes time to find someone you’re able to have a profound and significant relationship with, and you may have to kiss several virtual frogs before you meet your true online prince.

3. Try no to stress too much about sending them messages.

Naturally you’ll want to want to establish the best impression of yourself when you first chat to someone online,and so it’s totally normal to spend a bit of time constructing the initial messages you send them.

However, labouring over every word and trying desperately hard to write what you assume they want to read is anything but natural, and trying too hard to appear natural and light can actually have the opposite effect. You are who you are, and if they appreciate your personality traits, quirks and humour great, but if not, it’s unlikely they’re the right person for you anyway.

4. Don’t forget that others will be finding it a tough process as well!

While I’ve recommended you aim to be as natural as possible with you online interactions, remember that the people you’re interacting with may too be finding the process a tough one and, consequently, their communications may not fully reflect their true selves. You may find them trying too hard with you, or, alternatively, keeping their messages minimal and flat to avoid saying the wrong thing, or even hiding their true sense of humour because they don’t know how the land lies with you and your sense of humour yet.

Remember as well that online messages simply can’t express as person’s tone, facial expressions or body language, which makes it all too easy for points to be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Bear this in mind when communicating online, and give people a little surplus time to get to know you better and relax a bit with you and for, finally, their true personality to come through.

5. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative!

Although this is scary concept, compared with face-to-face interaction, online communication is a lot less terrifying! Once you find the profile of a person you like it’s certainly worth initiating contact with them. Considering there are thousands of people using online dating sites in today’s society,there’s definitely a strong chance that the person you’re interested in may not have found your profile amongst the countless others. Don’t run the risk of letting your fear make you miss out!

And really, what’s the worst that can happen if they’re not swept away by your profile and photo? All they can do it ignore your message – with a little perspective, that’s not exactly the worst thing ever that could happen to you, is it?!

This post was written by Becky Stretton, author of the parenting blog, Green Duo. Visit her blog to read all about Becky, her husband Steve, their new baby daughter Phoebe-Rae and all their adventures in their green, eco-friendly household.

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