Five Amazing Apps For Piano Students

Would you like to learn a musical instrument? I know I would, but I never did get round to it. Life just gets in the way, and you don’t have the time to practice and improve. That’s a real shame. There are all sorts of benefits that come with playing an instrument. It can improve your memory. It can help you to become more patient. It can help you express yourself in a creative fashion. In short, learning an instrument is terrific for anyone and everyone.


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The best instrument to learn, in my opinion, is the piano. I tried to learn it when I was younger, but I never got there. I couldn’t get the hang of using both hands! I’d love to give it another try one of these days. In fact, now would be the best time to try and learn. Today, there are all sorts of apps that can help the learner. It’s not the case that every pianist need to spend hours in front of their Markson’s piano to learn. You can use your smartphone as a valuable tool on the journey to mastering the piano. Here are five of the best apps for piano students.

Learn Piano

A simple and effective app, Learn Piano just teaches you how to play. It’s as straightforward as that. It can save you the cost of lessons, and you can use it whenever you like. It’s almost like having a piano teacher living inside your pocket! That’s fantastic, as you can’t have a real piano teacher live in your pocket. It would violate their human rights, or something.

Karajan Pro

Available for iPhone and iPad, Karajan is a great piece of software. It gives you the basics of music theory as you learn. That’s vital for any serious student of the piano. Karajan will help to give you a more thorough knowledge of the piano.


Do you love Guitar Hero? Well, here’s the piano player’s alternative. PianoMan is a competitive piano playing game. It will help to broaden your knowledge of the instrument. It does so while engaging the competitive side of your brain. We love PianoMan; it’s the most fun you’ll have learning an instrument.

Steinway Etude

Sheet music can be difficult to read and understand. I know I had trouble with it when I was learning to play. It can put people off wanting to learn. If I’d had Steinway Etude, I might never have given up the piano. It makes sheet music easier to understand. You’ll get to grips with sheet music much faster with Steinway.

Piano Notes!

Here’s another great way to get used to the different notes and sounds of the piano. Piano Notes! is a fantastic piece of software. It’s like having a set of flashcards for piano notes. It will help you to learn and adapt to the language of music.

You now know that there are all sorts of different apps for any new piano player. There’s no excuse not to give it a whirl. Some of them are even free. That’s perfect for any student. Take a look at these amazing apps. You’re sure to love them.


(Flickr, via Google Images)

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