Top 3 Smartphones For Travelers

If you plan to spend some time traveling next year, you’ll want to make sure you have the best and most reliable smartphone in your pocket. There are hundreds of different choices available from phone sellers at the moment. So, it can be tricky to work out which you should purchase. Depending on how you intend to use the device, you’ll want to alter your decision accordingly. However, all the ones mentioned here today are guaranteed to serve you well.

iPhone 6

Apple have been the leading manufacturer of smartphones for the last ten years. Their original iPhone device broke sales records around the world, and their latest edition is following suit. The best thing about this phone is that you can access the Apple Store, which contains thousands of useful travel apps. Some of them are mentioned in the infographic.

HTC One M8

Looking for something with a sturdy metal case that can withstand a fair amount of bashing about? Then look no further. The HTC One M8 is a vast improvement on previous models from this manufacturer, and it allows you full access to the Google Play Store. Again, there are lots of apps available that could enhance your trip.

Nokia Lumia 550

Presuming you don’t have much cash to spend, the Nokia Lumia 550 could be the ideal solution to all your problems. While it doesn’t have a particularly fast processor, it will do everything you need it to. Best of all? You can pick these up for around £60 at the current time.

No matter which smartphone you choose to purchase before your next trip abroad, we guarantee your time away will be more exciting with these devices at your side.

Infographic Credit Sports Cover Direct

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