Tech Tools for Entry-Level Job Seekers

Today’s job market is, without a doubt, very competitive. With approximately five percent of the country still unemployed, getting noticed will take a lot more than a polished resume and a decent education (though these are still extremely important). Finding the right job is all about marketing your skills to various organizations. You get just a few short seconds to showcase your qualifications, skills, and abilities in a way that presents you as an asset to any company that hires you. So how do today’s entry-level job seekers stay ahead of the competition and get noticed? It all starts with a plan and a plethora of resources.

Do Some Research

Before you begin searching for the appropriate entry-level job, you should have a general idea of where you see yourself going a few years from now. There is no point in pursuing an entry-level position in a field that you’re not interested in. Consider your educational background and current skill set. Where do you best fit in? What are your personal interests? Once you’ve gotten some ideas, it might be beneficial to research the occupational outlook to see how in demand your career path is. Once you have some ideas in mind as to where you’d like to apply, you’re ready to find the best resources to get your name out in the open. Here are a few ideas you might consider:

Your School

Many schools understand the importance for graduates to find a job in their field of study. As such, they often have career services that will assist students in various ways to improve their potential for getting hired. Some of the services might include resume writing, interview etiquette, and even application submissions.

Job Posting Sites

Job posting sites are very beneficial in helping you find an entry-level position. Most subscriptions are free of charge and allow you to electronically upload your resume and cover letter. You can then browse through the latest job advertisements and submit your application online. These sites are fairly easy to use, and many of them also have tips and tricks that can help you get hired a lot faster.

Mobile Apps

Today’s millennial job seekers are always on the go. If you’re looking for the best platform to showcase your qualifications and search for jobs, downloading various mobile apps for job seekers is ideal. Some apps allow you to create a digital profile complete with a small video to give employers a better idea of your personality. What makes apps a great tool is that they often notify you instantly when someone views your profile, a new job is posted, or if someone has reached out to you.

Social Media

Another tool that is becoming increasingly popular to the job search process is social media. Sites such as LinkedIn, in particular, offer a platform for professionals to create profiles, connect with other companies and job seekers, as well as receive recommendations for acquired experiences and skills. Creating a polished profile on social media can certainly give you a head start on your job search.

Other Methods

Of course there are other methods for finding an entry-level position. While some are a bit dated (i.e. checking newspapers), others still provide opportunities. Some of these methods include: attending job fairs and networking events, considering an internship, and/or working with a temp agency to gain more experience and get your foot in the door.

So there you have it – a few tried and true ways to let the corporate world know who you are. If you’re currently looking for an entry-level position, remember that these things often take time. The best thing to do while you wait is to continue to expand upon your current knowledge and expertise while keeping your resume current. In time, you will land the position that will launch your career.

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