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The home computer is a ubiquitous item these days, and at work, we can’t lift a finger without some form of computerised system coming into play. The rise of cheap, powerful computers – let alone smartphones and tablets – has led to a greater scope for varied usage, and still many people do not know just ow useful a humble USB port can be. The USB port is the little slot on the side – perhaps there are a few – that you might plug your mobile into to download photos or music, but it can do much more than that.

You may not know that there are many USB gadgets that you can buy, with a great range of possible usage; for work use or for home and leisure use, some of these inexpensive and useful devices are truly innovative, so let’s have a look at some of the best.

Soldering Iron – this is a great idea; a portable, powerful soldering iron that can be used by hobbyists or in the workplace. The USB port provides the small power charge that is needed to heat up the element, and they tend to heat very quickly, and you will find that they come in more useful than you might have believed. Check them out now, you’ll be surprised!

USB Oscilloscope – while USB oscilloscopes are undoubtedly specialist items, you may be surprised how useful they can be. Used in labs and by electronic hobbyists at home, they provide versatile and impressive measurements, with the results displayed clearly on your computer or tablet screen. You can easily save the results, too, for future use.

USB Endoscopes – you might be wondering what possible use a USB endoscope could have, but you will be equally surprised how useful they are. If you enjoy tinkering with your car or motorbike, you can use it to get a clear view of those awkward areas that you can’t access easily. They come with a light for added visibility, and are also useful in plumbing and electronics in awkward areas.

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