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Forecasting the weather with any degree of accuracy requires the use of sophisticated analysis and equipment. This is only available to the professionals, of course, but what if there was a way of getting the same information, free, on your handheld smartphone or tablet? This would give you more accurate results than any forecast available, and allow you to plan your time more readily. Well, for users of Android or iPhone devices there is; it’s called WeatherBug, and what’s more, it’s free! You simply download the app to your device and you have access to the largest network of professional weather tracking stations available, with a fantastic range of impressive features to hand.

This free weather Android app has a long list of rave reviews from users. It is easy to download and you can use it right away. So, what features do you get when you use WeatherBug? To begin with, you have access to accurate real time and advance weather forecasts across a great range of locations. This means you can plan ahead for your vacation or trip, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to avoid the worst of the weather or pick up the best!

WeatherBug also gives you instant access to a wide variety of weather map features; these include detailed information on pressure and rain, lightning and storm advanced warnings, wind chill and local radar information and much more. It really is the most accurate and easy to use weather app you can download for nothing, and it has many satisfied users already. WeatherBug also gives you forecasts for international locations, so you can pick your holiday destination and enjoy the best weather wherever you decide to go.

You can also activate many alerts; for example, WeatherBug will provide you with advance warning of severe weather conditions so you can prepare for upcoming storms, a very useful feature that will help you protect your property to the best degree. You can customize your app to your requirements and include features relevant to your lifestyle, so if you spend a great deal of time outdoors at certain locations you can add this information to your home screen. Handy features such as this make WeatherBug the best free weather iPhone app available, so we recommend you check it out now and see how it could make your life easier.

One feature that is particularly impressive is that which allows you to connect your WeatherBug app to your home smart thermostat. This gives you the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your home heating and energy use, as your home is now connected to the app and takes all the information necessary. There are few free apps that offer as many impressive features as this and when it comes to weather, nothing can do what WeatherBug can as impressively. Check out the app now and download it; you need never rely on unreliable weather forecasts again, and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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