Technology In Retail Progresses In 2015

picEvery year, technology gets better at impressing us and making things easier to use. 2015 is no different and this year technology in retail will be helping to create a change in customer behaviour.

Here are some of the things technology will help improve in 2015:

1. Personalisation will be everywhere

Technology in-store will improve and will continue to help customer experience. This will include things like tailored notifications of special offers and store-specific deals sent to you via Bluetooth when you’re in the shop.

2. Social Media will be more influential

Majority of high-street retailers are already utilising social media to help grow their customer base and improve their customer service. As more people use social media, the more marketers will be targeting people.

3. Multichannel purchasing

Customers are already taking a number different routes before buying a product. They may do the research stage on Google, look on social media for a voucher code and then purchase on a mobile-device; later picking it up in store. More and more people are doing this, so the whole process needs to be smooth.

4. Big data is going to keep on growing

It is becoming easier to gather customer information, like behaviour, demographics, location and purchase history. This data can be segregated and used to help promote specific products to specific people.

5. More and better devices

With the introduction of the smartwatch last year, the user experience will change over the next year or so. People will be talking to their watches and booking flights with a swipe of a finger on their wrist. Mobile devices will get better and better too and more websites will make mobile a priority.

We are moving towards a society where the consumer is in control instead of the manufacturer. This means retailers will need to stay ahead of the curve to grab the attention of the audience. 2015 is going to be a big year for technology in retail.

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