Teching and sport: a recipe for success?

OK, let’s say you know little or nothing about any particular sport. But here’s the thing; it may not matter if you’re techie-minded and you have a willingness to try out new software systems,

There are several to choose from – but one good system is the Market feeder pro from the world’s biggest betting exchange, Betfair.

This is an excellent system as you’re able to set automatic triggers for whatever bets you choose – backing or laying. This saves time and it helps ensure you don’t make human errors in your inputting. It’s also straightforward to learn thanks to its brief instructions written in plain English.

Market feeder pro allows you to perform any of 50 different gambling actions the software supports. In addition to the expected backing and laying, the system enables you to cancel bets, slow or speed-up the market refresh function and to alert you via email.

The system is also great for trying out a little arbitrage which can get you into a win-win situation sometimes if you’re lucky enough.

Perhaps the best thing about the system, though, is that you can trial it for free for a month. This gives you chance to see how the system works and to start trialing a few bets. The best way to approach this is to use real cash, but to use only relatively meaningless amounts. You’ll be amazed a just how quickly the system works and exactly what it’s capable of achieving.

Overall – if you can take a “numbers only” approach – it can be a positive advantage if you have no interest in the sport because it helps take any emotion out of proceedings. And as the old saying goes – a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing; enjoy!

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