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Are you looking for a fun new way to help your single friends find a partner? It can be difficult to arrange for people to meet, and there’s also an element of embarrassment when two people who don’t know each other meet in public with others watching on. That’s why we want to recommend a very clever fun and easy to use app; it’s called Spritzr, and it is the latest in matchmaking innovation. You can use it whether you are in a relationship or if you are single. It’s easy to use, free to download and available as an Android dating app as well as on other platforms.

What’s so special about Spritzr? It differs from all other dating apps in that you recommend friends to each other. You sign up either as a single person ready for dating, or as a matchmaker looking to bring people together. Once you have downloaded the app and are signed up – it’s very simple and takes only a few minutes – you are ready to either accept suggestions, or to start matching your friends with each other. It’s great fun, and you will find it to be the easiest way to make successful matches.

Why Use Spritzr?

Also available as an iPhone dating app, Spritzr is attractive because it works. With your average dating app, the decision as to who is suitable for you will be made by computer algorithms. With Spritzr, that decision is a personal one, made by a friend who knows you, and knows who will be suitable for you. This means a greater chance of success, and it’s also a safe way of dating as your friend knows both of you. Each party is free to choose to accept or reject the suggestion, too, with no embarrassment on either side.

Then there’s the fun bit for those making the suggestions, which comes in the form of Karma Points. Each time you make a successful match you gain points and are given a place on the Karma Board – a leader board of matchmakers. Amass a certain number of points and you get a medal, and once you become a gold medal matchmaker, you are a VIP member and can go to parties and events. It’s a great incentive to choose your matches carefully, and a lot of fun.

Have a Go at Matchmaking

Matchmaking is great fun with the Spritzr app and once you start to use it you’ll find it’s a great way to help people meet, or if you are single, to meet new people and make new friends. It’s quick to download and set up and you can use it anywhere you have a connection, so you can match people wherever you may be, whenever you want.

Have a look at the website now for more information on Spritzr and the many features and functions, then download it and away you go, finding your friends their dream partners.

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