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Let’s face it, casino apps are so fun it’s hard to think that nobody thought of making them sooner. Casino game apps are some of the most downloaded apps across app stores, along with puzzles and other mobile shooters, and to no surprise.  I mean, who doesn’t like slots and winning jackpots, right?

The best thing about these games is that they replicate, to a great extent, a real Vegas casino hall where you can have a spin on many exciting slots, win rewards and jackpots, but also send drinks to other players and enter high-roller clubs, all for free. Yes, mobile slot games are free to play, although most apps would ask for somewhere along 3-15 dollars to give you a trunk of casino coins when you burn through your welcome bonus.

Being free also means that there is no real money winnings involved. So, if you were looking for real money casino apps, you can check other places, like the selection of sites that rate and catalogue them, like, etc.

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to get your hands on great graphics, thrilling slots, whopping jackpots and hours of fun with your mobile, here are the top 5 slots for your mobile device


If you’ve ever looked for online slot games or mobile apps, there are high chances you’ve stumbled upon Slotomania. Slotomania has been around for a while now, both on Facebook and app stores, and its player base has never dwindled through the years, mostly because the app has always stayed on top of changes and, most importantly, remained fun.  There are over 140 slots to choose from, each Slotomania’s own design, with exciting themes and visuals derived from Hollywood movies, ancient civilizations, modern pop culture, as well as classic Vegas casinos. Once you install the app, you’ll get a 10,000 credit welcome bonus, but you can also win extra coins every 3 hours and by leveling up and inviting your friends.

CatchUp - #1 1

Hit it rich! Free Casino Slots

If you’ve heard about Zynga, you know that they have one of the best poker apps for mobile phones. Well, their slot games are no different as Hit it Rich! doesn’t stray from Zynga’s quality design and high entertainment value. Hit it Rich has a large collection of slots that are just too much fun to miss out on. Not only are they well made, but they are licensed slots with great themes like The Terminator, Evil Dead 2, Sex and The City, The Wizard of Oz, etc, and great jackpots to complement them. What more could one want? And once you install the app, you’ll get 30,000 coins to get you going, but you can also win other free coins and rewards and share credits with your Facebook friends.

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish casino is another great mobile slot app with original slot games, but also a social twist. There are enough slots to keep even the pickiest of player busy, each with its own exciting theme and impeccable graphics. Their slots themes vary from classic to modern, but the standouts are the social scatter slots, like the amazing Mad Mouse, which let you and other players win credits when the scatter bar is fully loaded. But what makes Big Fish stand out is that it adds a great social twist to every game, where, just like in a real casino hall, you can chat with other players and send them drinks and gifts.

CatchUp - #1 2

Jackpot Party

Just like you would expect from an app with such a name, Jackpot Party is a slot app fully loaded with huge jackpots that’ll keep any player addicted for a long time. Their slot selection has around 70 slots with both classic themes like Ancient Egypt but also modern ones like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Monopoly Money. The progressive jackpots go well beyond tens of millions and you can enter the high-roller progressive games if you amass a decent casino balance. Once you install the app, you’ll get a welcome bonus of around 2 million coins, but you can also win additional coins on every hour, or by getting your Facebook friends to install the app. Once they do, you can share credits and gifts with each other.  This is great entertainment.

Cleopatra Casino/Slots – Huuuge Games

Huuuge Games are a fairly recent company but that didn’t stop them from becoming just as their name suggests – Huge. Their Huuuge Slots app might have been a bit faulty with its crashes and bugs, but even those who played it say that the slots were flawless. Their Cleopatra app, on the other hand, took some of the best slots from Huuuge and put them in one of the top slot apps in every app store. There are 30 slots to choose from, which might not be much, but the sheer quality of the games is enough to hush any naysayer that mobile slots can never be as good as the real deal. Well, Cleopatra slots are. There’s also a very decent welcome bonus of 10 million credits, free chips on every 10 minutes, and up to 100 free spins to be won.

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