Six Ways To Deal With Slow Internet Speeds

Six Ways To Deal With Slow Internet SpeedsSlow Internet can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. And it always seems to happen when we have the most work to do. It might be a sign that we should stop what we are doing and go outside to enjoy some fresh air or give our minds a break, but we unfortunately do not have that luxury most of the time. Especially if you make your living on the computer like I do, a slow Internet connection can literally cost you money.

#1. Check Your Internet Plan

Maybe your Internet is slow because you are paying for slow Internet. I mean you really do get what you pay for and if you thought your Internet deal was a steal, well then you already found your problem. It might be time to upgrade your speed.

#2. Maybe It Is The Hardware

Do not jump to conclusions and automatically blame your service provider. You should reset both your router and modem to see if that helps. If those are looking good then you should check to see if the other computers in your house are running at a normal speed. If only your computer is running slow then you can stop here because you have found the problem and it is not your internet connection, it’s your computer.

#3. Wi-Fi Meltdown

Sometimes your modem, router and internet are doing fine, but you still just aren’t getting the speed that you normally receive. This is probably because your wireless signal is weak. Do not worry there are a number of ways you can fix your wireless signal that involve just a few repositions and tweaks.

#4. What Are You Doing?

When you are running a lot of things on your computer, your computer is not only going to run a little slower, but your internet will also run slower that it usually does. If you are downloading music or movies through a torrent app, then your internet will be drastically slowed because of all the effort it takes to download those types of things and the amount of bandwidth it requires.

#5. Making The Best Of What You Have

So your internet is running slow, but you still need it to trouble shot the slow internet, which puts you in a little bit of a conundrum. You can actually optimize your browser to work more efficiently on a slow connection. This can be done by doing things like viewing the html version of websites and disabling images. You might even want to have a certain browser configured this way in times of emergency or when traveling.

#6. Think Positively

If your internet is moving slowly, you might actually get more things done. Think about how long it will take to load Facebook on a slow connection. It would take awhile. You will be less likely to take work break to check up on your favorite social media sites and will therefore use your time more efficiently.

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