Personal Solar Panels

According to Guardian Roof Systems, using personal solar panels for your home presents a wide range of benefits. The prices are lower than ever and personal solar energy has never been more attainable.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Electricity is simply a flow of electrons. Solar panels work by causing particles of light, or photons, to separate electrons from atoms, creating a flow of energy. Solar panels are comprised of many small cells. Each cell is made up of two different layers. The top layer is loaded with electrons in order to give it a negative charge. The bottom layer has fewer electrons and a positive charge, so that it is ready to take in more electrons. This creates an electric field. When sunlight knocks an electron free from the top layer, the charge moves through the cell and into a metal conductive plate. The electrons are transferred to wires, creating usable energy.

How Can Solar Energy Increase Sustainability?

There are a multitude of ways that personal solar panels increase sustainability in the home. It is common knowledge that solar energy saves money, but not many people know how powerful of an investment switching to solar power is. Installing rooftop solar panels can drastically reduce or even completely eliminate your electricity bill. Consider the United States average monthly home electricity bill in 2013, approximately 110 dollars. Most solar energy systems are designed to provide free energy for at least twenty years; the average household would accumulate $26,400 in savings during that time.

When your personal solar energy panels bring in more energy than your home is using, the excess energy is pushed back into the grid. This energy can be used later, negating the myth that solar energy can only be used when it is sunny, or, in some states, sold back. Depending on your climate, your solar panels have the potential to generate consistent returns of at least ten percent each month.

Having rooftop solar panels on your property easily adds to home value. Homes with low utility bills and high levels of efficiency are highly sought after. Because of this, homeowners will have the peace of mind knowing that their home can be sold much more quickly, and buyers will be willing to pay a higher amount.

Personal solar energy panels provide you with energy security. The energy generated is an independent source of energy that is entirely yours. Solar energy is generated by the sun, and nobody can raise prices for, close down, or monopolize the sun.

Worldwide Sustainability

Choosing rooftop solar panels for your home is invaluable to your home, but it is allows you the chance to give back. They provide sustainability to your economy and environment. The United States consumes far more oil than it produces, so our country is extremely dependent on foreign sources. Choosing personal solar panels hastens the transition to total energy dependence. Adding solar panels to your home also gives back to your local economy by supplying high-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Opting to use solar power drastically decreases your negative impact on the environment. Not only is your household’s carbon footprint reduced, but it leaves your local utility plant less power to supply and consequently less fossil fuels to burn and carbon to emit.

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