Modern Oil Drilling Technology

As technology continues to advance, so does the oil industry. With over 4.9 million barrels of crude oil produced daily, it shows the importance of modern techniques to boost productivity and keep up with consumer demands. Modern oil drilling technology allows companies to find better ways to locate and extract oil that has yet to be discovered. Utilizing the oil that is available in reserves saves the users money, impacting the overall economy.

The Importance of Oil Drilling

With the demand continuing to rise for oil, companies are finding themselves looking for new sources of petroleum. Locating new sources can be challenging as a number of reserves are tapped out. Oil is a fossil fuel found in countries all over the world. Utilizing the correct technology to locate oil will limit the impact it has on the environment. It will save oil companies money as they are able to spend less time researching new locations, and they can save on the amount of money it costs to drill for oil.

Horizontal Drilling

One technique used for modern oil drilling is horizontal drilling. This drilling technique will begin with a vertical well that becomes horizontal inside the reservoir rock. The goal is to create a larger hole that is open to oil. The legs of the hole can be over a mile long, allowing natural gas and oil to be drained from the well faster. Fewer surface disturbances is another positive impact of horizontal drilling.

Complex Path Drilling

This method creates well paths that are unique. Not all drill paths are straight; some can have multiple twists and requires shifting. This method is productive as a company can reach multiple locations from a well. Not only does this method limit the environmental impact on the surface area, it will produce less waste when drilling several wells.

Multilateral Drilling

Oil and natural gas can be found in separate layers of the ground. This requires the right method to locate the oil and natural gas, and the correct drilling method. Multilateral drilling helps producers to use the main well at different depths. This will boost production from a well, allowing the company to create a single well versus multiple wells at one site.

Extended Reach Drilling

For this drilling method, producers can reach deposits that are far away from the rigs. Since vertical wells are not always able to reach the reserves, an extended reach drilling method can help companies tap into these reserves that are sensitive areas or under developed. With extended reach drilling, a company can reach 5 miles from the surface location. Offshore drilling can help a company to reach far accumulations from the platforms. This can reduce the number of platforms needed to drill for oil, which helps to keep the overall costs of petroleum and oil lower. A single rig can drill up to twelve different wells.

Exploring Technology

With the exploration of crude oil, using seismic imagery with modern drilling technology will help a company to become productive and save money. It is important to find a company offering the right equipment as it can be incredibly costly to invest in modern technology for oil drilling. Locating a supplier of used oilfield equipment is a great way to reduce costs when you invest in equipment.

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