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When it comes to kitchen remodelling, it’s easy to decide work is needed, but far more difficult to figure out how to go about it. Renovations can get complicated with the combination of water pipes, gas, and electrical outlets to work around. For this reason it is essential for some appliances to go in a very specific spot within the room. Not to mention, the fact that you want to actually like the overall look of the kitchen. After all you’re putting time, energy, and money into the remodelling so when everything is done it’s important to have a space that you enjoy and can cook easily in. Luckily there is a growing number of affordable resources available to homeowners who are looking to renovate. There are design software and programs that help figure out a way around these tricky obstacles. There are financial benefits to these programs as well. Gone are the days of it being necessary to hire an interior designer to work on your kitchen, meaning that money which would have once been put aside for their fees can now be fed back into the remodelling.

Getting Started

Before you start the concrete plan, let alone the physical remodelling, it’s important to figure out exactly you want for the kitchen. Adding things on once you’ve begun will only complicate your life. So start with clippings like kitchens cabinets, counters, colours, and materials. Save them even if they are out of your price range, because they will give ideas for your own kitchen and you might be able to find more affordable versions of these items. There are also a number of factors that are extremely important to keep in mind while planning your new kitchen, such as:

  • What is the budget?
  • How many people are going to be regularly cooking in the kitchen at one time?
  • How much storage will you be needing? Always plan for more storage than what you think you’ll need.
  • Are you going to have an area to eat or entertain within the kitchen, or is that going to be saved for a dining room?
  • What is cooking in this kitchen going to realistically be like? Plan it with the work triangle of the three major appliances in mind. This is the sink, oven, and refrigerator. They should be close to one another for ease.
  • Plan lighting and appliances like the fridge around the electrical outlets of your kitchen.

Solidifying The Plan

Once you’re at the point that you have a solid idea in your head of what you want for your kitchen, it’s time to start creating definite plans. This is where kitchen design software comes in handy. It is an easy way to get an idea of what the final product will look like. It also enables the user to plan ahead because issues that might arise during construction will become clear and visible during the designing within the program. For instance, once there is a visual on how far away the sink is from the oven or how little countertop there actually is, the user will be able to decide whether they want to alter the plan for the remodel before it even starts. This can save money for you, and effort for everyone involved.

Choosing the Right Design Program

These kitchen design programs allow you to build the kitchen completely. They’re inexpensive, ranging from free up to a couple hundred. What you’re able to do within the programs depends on what you pay though. So if you’re planning a complete gutting of your kitchen, then building it back up from the ground, it might be worth it to splurge on the higher end programs. They allow you to see a two-dimensional view that will make traffic flow clear, as well as three-dimensional views that will depict how the kitchen will end up looking. We’ve compiled a list of all the best design programs to help you find what will be best for you and your renovations.

1) Autodesks HomeStyler (Free).

This is online so you won’t have to download anything to use it. It is more specific to home design which is perfect for this purpose, but it is very basic in its designs. You won’t be getting a detailed floor plan from this. Walkthroughs aren’t an option for this one either.

2) Google SketchUp (Free)

As a free software, Google SketchUp is another program that offers only very basic designs. It’s best suited for simple remodels. It is also easy to navigate which broadens the appeal. There is no number to call for help however, which can be troublesome when you bit a glitch in the system.

3) Encore Software’s Encore 3D Home Architect Design Suite ($35 – $70)

This can be used for any home remodel and allows you to choose custom kitchen cabinets, counters, and appliances. While it isn’t the most detailed software, it will give you a solid idea of what to expect from the remodel and is easy to use.

4) punch! Software Home Design Studio Pro ($250)

This is where the software starts to get more advanced. It is professional-like quality for your kitchen design. You’ll get a detailed image to explain what you want to any contractor. If you’re doing an extensive remodel, this might just be the program for you. The one downside is that it takes longer to learn than some of the other programs.

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