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The world of technology has given us some very useful items in the last couple of decades, and the rise of the smartphone as the leading device has been quite startling. These excellent little devices have come on in leaps and bounds in just a short time – your current smartphone can likely do things your first mobile phone could not get close to – and you most likely use it to access the internet, as well as sending messages, making calls, taking photos, and sharing information on social media pages. There, are however, inherent problems with using such devices to access the internet.

Think about this: your computer or laptop at home, and in the office, is protected by anti-virus software, probably from new. This is because the threat of viruses is very real, as proven by the many stories of large corporations suffering from outside, illegal access. You probably have a lot of personal information stored in different places – your address, for example, plus bank details and other potentially sensitive info, and you don’t want that to be accessible by anyone with ulterior motives – or, in fact, anyone other than yourself. So, the question is this: why have you not installed antivirus software on your smartphone?

The Importance of Online Security

If you have not considered this point, you are not alone; there are many thousands – perhaps millions – of smartphones that are unprotected, and there lies the problem. The chances are that you use your phone – or perhaps a tablet – to access the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots. These are plentiful, but you really need to be very careful and make sure you have virus protection if you use them, as they are not as safe as the secured network you use at home. Indeed, they are surprisingly easy to access, so it is recommended you don’t access banking systems when using one.

We found a great free antivirus app from AVG in the Google store, and we recommend you check it out right away if your phone is not protected. They are an established name in security solutions, and this app is easy to download on your Android device, and will help protect you against viruses. Remember, however, that it is not possible to be 100% safe, so you need to continue to be careful when using your phone in a public place, and to keep your app updated with the latest developments.

Some Further Tips

While we recommend you check out for more information on the many solutions they offer, there are also some other things you can do to keep safe when using your smartphone online. For example, don’t share your passwords, and use different ones for all your accounts, and never put information about your details on your Facebook or other social media pages.

There are many benefits to being able to browse the net from your cosy seat in the pub or café, but remember to be careful, and to get protected right away.

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