How To Keep Your Home Safe & Secure With Technology

After a long day at work, we want to go home and relax for the evening. Our homes are our private cocoons from the world, and they are the one place where we can feel comfortable and safe.

For most people, going home from work is uneventful. But for some unlucky people, arriving at a home ransacked by burglars is gut-wrenching. For young children, the anxiety and trauma are further compounded.

The reasons that people break into other’s homes is rather mixed. Some of the reasons are down to desperation and a lack of money, whereas jealous can be the primary motivator in others.

Our homes are places we should feel safe.

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You will doubtless want to make sure that your property is always protected as much as possible. On that note, here are some practical ways that you can do so using today’s technology.


We all know that there are many different lock types in use today. Some are simple to pick, whereas others are complex and will even puzzle lock picking “experts.”

The first thing you need to do is assess how good your home’s locks are. All your external doors and windows should have deadlocks fitted to them. The aim is to make life as hard as possible for any would-be burglars.

I recommend getting a locksmith to install deadlocks in your home for you, unless you are an expert DIYer.

Alarm system

Today’s modern cars have alarm systems. When someone tries to break in, the alarm will sound. The same concept applies to houses too. But did you know that few houses have alarm systems installed? Even brand new homes built today don’t come with alarms.

The good thing about alarm systems is that they are quite loud! When they sound, they will alert your neighbors to the fact that there might be an intruder in your home.

Most burglars will steer clear of houses with alarm systems as they are just too much hassle from their point of view.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great alternative to security alarms. They can be placed around the perimeter of your home and will detect any movement or vibration. When they sense something, they will alert you or the authorities, depending on how they’re setup.

This is an excellent way to create a layered defense against burglars as they will be surprised when they realize that their movements have been detected.

Monitoring systems

Of course, if the alarm system sounds and you are away on vacation, you will have no idea that a potential break-in is in progress. That’s why when you get an alarm system for your home, you should also consider signing up to a home alarm monitoring service.

The way these monitoring systems work is simple. If the alarm gets triggered, a notification gets sent to a remote monitoring center. They will then try to make contact with you, and ask if you are OK.

If you tell them you are not at home, or that your life may be in danger, they will contact the police for you immediately. Some monitoring services even send regular patrol cars to drive to your home. They check that everything looks OK from the outside.

Security cameras

Some homeowners opt for security cameras to get installed as part of a home alarm and monitoring service. Others just fit them as a visual deterrent. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that security cameras help to protect our homes and catch any burglars “in the act.”

When deciding on a security camera set up, consider the type of video footage that you need. Fixed cameras can record round-the-clock footage while pan and tilt cameras provide more control over what is recorded. It’s also important to choose a camera with night vision capabilities so that it will cover the property when it gets dark outside.

Finally, it’s important to keep security cameras away from areas where they can be tampered with. Make sure that no one is able to reach the camera and disable it by hiding wiring or positioning it in a discreet location. With proper installation and maintenance, your home will remain safe and secure all year round!

I hope you have found today’s blog post useful. Thanks for reading it.

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