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As women we tend to carry our life in our purse. We pack in makeup, a wallet, feminine hygiene products, our mobile phone and anything else we feel we might need throughout the course of our day.

With the advancement of iPhone technology, these days we can use our smartphone for just about everything else. There are thousands of apps available in the App Store that were created just for women. If men have apps to simplify their daily life, why can’t women?

  1. Clue is an all-in-one app that will track your period, fertility cycle and mood swings. For any other questions that you might have, this app will help with that too. Search through this app to find answers to questions about female health. It’ll prepare you while giving you a better understanding when you are trying to get pregnant or when to expect mood swings.
  2. Flush Toilet Finder might be one of the most helpful apps to date. Sometimes you just have to go and you need to know where the nearest bathroom is. Open this app and you will find any toilet that is nearby.
  3. ShopSavvy will assist you in finding the best deals. Shopping means a lot to us girls and sales mean even more. When you see something you like, but maybe find it too expensive, open the app and scan the barcode. The app will bring up price comparison to other stores, allowing you to get the best deal possible.
  4. Hautelook & Gilt will only strengthen your shopping strategies. We all like nice things and these apps will provide you with massive discounts on clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, including designers! It’s not just for girls. Find your guy an expensive gift for a fraction of the designer cost.
  5. Out of Milk will never let you forget your grocery list sitting on the counter again. Make your list in this app and share it with your husband, child or roommate to ensure that you don’t forget needed items for the house.

There’s no need to create paper shopping lists or walk around until we find a public toilet or even wait until something goes on sale. We can use our iPhones to their fullest and take advantage of all of these hot apps that will simplify our lives. As women, we tend to be organised and on top of things, why should our iPhones be any different? 

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