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Mobile devices continue to change the way people use and access the Internet, and the smartphone revolution cannot be ignored. Smartphone sales revenue has risen from three billion dollars US to 50 billion dollars US over the last ten years, and this is because the convenience of constant connection to global communication and media resources are an important factor in the way people work, communicate and do business. It has become paramount for businesses to engage in mobile platforms to increase their revenue and customer bases. In 2013 there were nearly 7 billion mobile phones in use worldwide; globally more than half are devices capable of performing business functions. Fortune magazine reported Apple recently set a single quarter profits record by selling nearly 75 million iPhones. This is why businesses are turning to mobile apps to help them stay competitive and relevant in a changing society. To reap the business advantages of this worldwide movement, many companies choose to build a mobile app, and this means that it is becoming increasingly more challenging for designers to create vital, business-facing apps that every business will need.

If you have a great app idea, it pays to find an app developer who will not only help you get your project off the ground, but make sure it has a running start, from the planning stage, through development, testing, launch, and quality assurance after the fact. The quickest route to market is by teaming up with an app development company that can help foster your idea and get it into the hands of potential customers. It should be remembered that programming requires a logical and mathematical mind; hackers become hackers because their innate abilities and interests predispose them to start coding at 13, much like elite athletes and musicians. It’s not for everyone. Chances are that if you have the abstract, creative mind to conceive of a brilliant app, you’ll need someone else with the razor-edged linear thinking required for hard coding. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right mobile app development company.

  1. The developer should be interested in your business as well as your app. A solid developer will guide you through the development phase but also supply you with creative input based on how the app should gel with your business model. A good app developer knows what works and what doesn’t based on past experiences paired with an intimate knowledge of your business.
  2. You should always assess the portfolio of any company before you partner up. A great developer needs to have proven UI/UX development skills and the best way to verify this is by looking at their portfolio and watching out for beautiful or eye-catching apps with excellent user interfaces.
  3. A development company is only as good as its client list, so be sure to check client references. A trustworthy app developer will have a proven track record and will have worked with several clients both large and small. A company with a strong list of Fortune 500 companies in their portfolio will be more trustworthy than a developer who has only made a few apps for friends.
  4. Be sure to choose a company you can build a relationship with. Mobile app development is not a one-time event. Design does not occur in a vacuum and so you should partner up with a company that will be there every step of the way, will stay in constant communication, and will see your project through beyond the launch date. Toronto’s Clearbridge Mobile, to give you just a single example, is committed to working side by side with clients to create a seamlessly integrated app, and to keep clients involved at every iteration of the project.

If you want your app to be impressive and relevant, you’re best served by working with a company that has demonstrated a mastery over the industry — this ensures that your app will have everything going for it at every juncture of the development process. Look for fully integrated organizations with extensive track records creating some jaw-dropping apps for some of the biggest clients in North America. If you need information on developing an app, why not contact a developer like Clearbridge Mobile, a company with a standout portfolio, an impressive client list, and the knowledge and care to help you get your app to market quickly? With due diligence and the right partner, there’s no telling where you can go.

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