Essential Software Solutions For Cloud Based Businesses

Many companies take a gamble and move their businesses into cloud-based operations. It enables you to streamline your operation and keep costs to a minimum. In fact, other than lowering the wages of your staff, it can be difficult to think of another place to save money after you make the move.

Businesses that work in the ether are efficient and competitive. Since a lot of them have no physical end product, the argument for closing the office is strong. I can foresee a time when every company that is not in manufacturing or retail becomes digital. It is the state of things to come, in my opinion.

You should start to plan the move early. Even a small business should give itself a couple of years to work on a plan for the move. There will be teething problems when you do make the switch, but you must keep them to a minimum, so they do not interfere with operations.

High-quality software is essential for this venture. Without it, you can do nothing in the cloud. Consider your choices carefully because there are many products out there, and some are better than others. Here is a list of programs for you to consider.

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Pete Birkinshaw

  • Network. Your staff will need to communicate with you and each other. There are free messaging services, but they are inadequate for your needs. You must pay for a reliable and efficient networking program so that you can all work as if you are in the same room.
  • OCR. Optical character recognition has come a long way in the last decade. It sounds like a scary subject, but it isn’t. It allows you to convert paper documents into an editable digital file at the touch of a button. You can then alter and share them with others. I suggest that you learn more about Konica Minolta’s OCR technology at an early stage in your plan, so that everybody is familiar with it when the time comes to move to the ether.
  • Office Software. There are several programs you should expect to feature in an office suite. Consider these as a base upon which to build.
    • Word Processor. The word processor must be capable of editing the document format from the OCR output. It is standard, so most of the word processors work fine.
    • Spreadsheet Software. Spreadsheets are used for everything these days. Most office suites will include one.
    • Database. Your employees might need to access an online database. They will need the correct program for the job.
  • Human Resources. There is some fantastic online software available to help your human resources team manage your employees. Tracking them is essential when they are all working from different locations.

The move to the cloud will be an exciting evolution to your company. Though some may look back nostalgically at the old way of doing things, the edge it gives you against the competition could secure their job for many years to come. A business that doesn’t look to the future now that this technology is at our fingertips cannot compete and is ultimately doomed to fail. Start thinking about the cloud now, before it is too late.

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