Let Elvis Presley Do The Talking On Your IPhone – Techfemina

The king of rock n’ roll will now be on your iPhone as “Pocket Elvis”. It’s the first ever Elvis iPhone app, which will mark the 75th birth anniversary of the legendary rock star on Jan 8th. The app will get you over 150 exciting phrases from ‘The King’ impersonated by comedian Mitch Benn, and help you instantly whenever you fall short of words. The hysterical phrases are categorized in pub, sports, chat up lines and insults. So, you can throw some super-cool Elvis lines on numerous events. Just imagine where and when would you like to use such freaky lines in Elvis style as, “Say, is that IT? Elvis needs a geeky person to come and fix his computer machine”, or “The voice of Elvis is so recognisable to people across the world it’s always a pleasure to perform as him.. This is not all, you also get to download crazy Elvis ringtones, among lot other fun things offered in the Elvis Pocket. Go get this coolest application today from the App Store.

Via: Sky News505685

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