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Though not officially announced yet, the dual screen Acer laptop has gotten leaked. It doesn’t look very attractive aesthetically, rather appears like a beasty machine. It has two 15″ displays that makes it too big for the compact generation.

Having two touchscreens, one as the one as the laptop’s display and one as the keyboard/trackpad, it’s a full-size laptop. Reportedly it’s powered by Intel Core i5 CPU (2.67GHz) and runs Microsoft Windows 7. It’s expected to release by the fall this year, but before that you better eye some other tasteful alternatives.

Microsoft Courier

It seems to good to be true, but the smartest dual screen tablet is highly anticipated. I won’t say much, just watch the video below.

Toshiba Libretto W100

The touchscreen mini laptop from Toshiba looks way more ideal to use. Having two 7″ LED backlit touchscreens, the compact laptop runs Windows 7 operating system. One screen is used for Word documents or emails, the other gives you quick access to social networks or multimedia programmes. Its clamsheel form factor provides it the “unrivalled flexibility”. It starts at $1,099.

Canova Dual Screen laptop

The Canova Dual Screen laptop should have made to the markets by now, as it’s already been more than three years since the Italian company V12 teased it out. Apparently, the company is working on the device to support multi-touch and also fit in the microphone to enable voice commands. Even the second generation Cnova is almost ready with dual LCD screens.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds Dual Screen Laptop

The ThinkPad W700ds is a bit weird design as it pops out its 10.6″ secondary screen from behind its primary screen. Moreover, it’s a 17″ laptop, so isn’t much competition to the Acer dual screen laptop. The USP is that the secondary screen can be rotated 30-degrees. Lenovo has madly priced it at $3,663.

Asus Dual screen concept

It’s yet another much anticipated design that got showcased at the German CeBit 2009 show. Touted as a revolutionary dual screen laptop concept, it’s a multi-touch device. It’s also said to be a half phone-like and half Mac-like device.566775

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