It’s Wise To Carry Eco-Otome While Using A Public Toilet – Techfemina

The cute little key-ring style thingie pictured above, can be of great use, if you’re heading to a public toilet with troubled stomach. It’s the Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker, which does not let out the embarrassing sounds, which you might happen to make while using the toilet. The virtual gadget will make toilet flushing sound for 25 seconds, and in that time you may quickly relieve yourself. Eco-Otome, which looks like a mobile-phone chain, is available in sweet pink, blue and white. Be careful not to press it anywhere outside toilet, because then you’ll instead be embarrassed, that too without being guilty. You can buy Eco-Otome from Japan Trend Shop for $19.

Via: Nerd Approved493853

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