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Now your iPhone can help you deal with your husband’s snoring. The Remote Analysis Ltd has developed an iPhone app, Sleep Aid, which will help you analyze snoring and will accordingly provide necessary advice to help dealing with it. You’ll need to place the iPhone right beside your husband in the night and then click “Record” and let it stay that way the entire night. The next morning when you wake up, just click “Wake up” and the app will show a graph suggesting the snoring pattern. Though otherwise you might ignore it, thinking it’s just the simple snoring, the app enables you to determine if it’s the case of sleep apnea. The app includes sample audio clips to help you compare your recorded-snores and so accordingly seek medical help. The app has been developed in association with doctors who specialize in sleep apnea, so it’s pretty reliable. You’ll need to shell out only $2.99 to buy this app and screen the your husband’s snores. The best thing is, your hubby dear won’t be able to deny his snoring habit having listened the recording, and will politely agree to seek doctor’s help.

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