How much do you know about your USB Flash Drive? | Tech Femina

USB drives are here in our market scenario for quite some time now and definitely here to stay for sure. The three major factors which considerably effect the life cycle of the good old USB are as follows: – A USB’s Memory type – Its USB connection – Its Chassis or rather the outer panel body SLC and MLC memory are the two types of flash memories which a USB drive incorporates. Single Level Cell memory and Multi Level Cell memory respectively are what they stand for. SLC memory can withstand about 100,000 write cycles, and the MLC memory withstands about 10,000 write cycles. The USB connector is actually a dedicated socket which hooks up with the UFD to the host, hub computer. Mating Durability is also a specification rating which precisely gives the number of connections given to the USB flash drive. The outer appearance of the USB is bestowed to it by the Chassis, or its outer panel. This chassis makes the USB quite durable and more manageable, its ruggedness makes it immune to every shock whether it’s a physical shock or an electric one. Following are the rules one should keep in mind in order to prolong your USB’s life: Never ever drop, shatter your UFD and always place its cap on so the connectors don’t brush through or touch any other foreign object which could generate an electric shock. Via: Getusb

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