Move your walls to the geeky times with some geeky wall clocks.

Apple G3 Wall Clock

The Apple G3 Clock may well suit your contemporary interiors, as it’s classy, stylish and unique. Made from side panel of a retired G3 Mac, the clock is also an eco-friendly product. The G3 clock features a quartz clock movement and uses an AA battery.

Price: $59

Available at Etsy

Mario Evolution Wall Clock

Crazy about Mario? The Mario Evolution wall clock is simply an awesome tribute to this super-cool game, which is almost synonymous to every childhood. Measuring 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches, the clock runs on an AA battery. It’s like a revival of the nostalgia.

Price: $30

Available at Etsy

Star Trek Clock

If you’re one who’s caught by the Star Trek mania, this timepiece is made for your walls. Spectacular design and an incredible geek-touch makes this beautiful chrome Sterling and Noble clock look truly hip and hit. The Star Trek Clock features 12 hand-crafted vintage classic starships to represent the 12 digits of a clock. You may also get it custom designed with more wild Star Trek ideas.

Price: $109.99

Available at Etsy

Time Switch Wall Clock

Who says one can’t stop time, with this geeky clock you can very much do so. The Time Switch Wall Clock allows you to switch off the time whenever you’re screwed up. Though only for a while you can believe that you can hold the time. Truly geeky!

DIY Dice Wall Clock

You can geek this one yourself. Every upcoming moment carries some uncertainties, which means time is often dicey. The DIY Dice Wall Clock connotes the unpredictability and destiny that dominates the life. The DIY kit for this timepiece comes as a package of 22 die and a clock face. Place any pair anywhere you want and see the time playing its random games.