Sometimes parents are too wary on sending their toddlers to play outside or go on outdoor picnics fearing that they might get lost or hurt. Though unintentionally, in all this, parents end up annoying their children big time. However, you must not also keep your little ones from exploring the outside world on their own, as it forms an important part of their growing and helps building their confidence level. To find a midway solution to this major parenting problem, the Lok8u Ltd. in association of T Mobile have designed a funky child watch, Nu·m8, which is world’s first GPS locator device designed to be worn by children. The device incorporates a micro 3FF SIM card, which is a sleek form of a traditional SIM to fit the compact most devices.

Nu·m8 helps you track of your child, playing in the street, accurately within 10 feet using a combination of cellular identification technology and GPS. Parents can set boundaries, within which the child can play freely, and yet be under their supervision. Nu·m8, available for $179.99, is now on pre-order at at Lok8u.