I’m a music freak, so I can say that an analog DJ turntable is any day better than a digital software. There’s better scope of creativity with analog controls and rendering effects manually is simply magical. However, the accuracy and multi-functionality of a digital software also cannot be denied, so the idea of uniting both analog and digital is completely in. Vestax and algoriddim’s Spin does just that, it’s a cool hardware “turntable” that connects to their iTunes DJ software, dijay 3. Spin can be connected to your Mac via USB, and you can spin the two jog wheels your way to make some rocking tunes on dijay 3. Spin is loaded with a handful of faders, looping, cue points, effects, and EQ. Needless to mention that there are also dedicated mic and headphones ports, along with a stereo RCA jacks. The digitally compatible turntable along with dijay 3 is available at the Apple Store for $249.95.