Here’s a unique egg in glossy black, which you do not fry on the pan, but when it’s broken open, you see powerful 4 watt yolk speakers. Designed by a South Korean company, S&J Co., Ltd., it’s an ultra portable pair of speakers, which are magnetically attached to each other to form a shape of an egg. The 20mm speakers are made using pretty simple and compact design, yet each speaker is capable of delivering 2W output with digital amp for astounding sound quality. The USB powered Eggy is compatible with your PMPs or netbooks, and it does not require any additional power. As apparent from the images, the Eggy comes with two stands to fix the speakers at one place, plus, there will be a couple of cords like the USB wire, the audio-in wire and the one which connects the two speakers to each other. The incredible Eggy will see the light of day at the International Consumer Electric Show in January 2010.

Via: Oh Gizmo, Press Release