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It’s a tribute to the revolutionary retro-sensation – the Boombox. All of you, who’re born in the eighties can best relate to the nostalgia. It won’t be an overstatement to call the ultra-rocking boombox as synonymous to the pop music of the past decades. Unfortunately, the good old music player have long disappeared in the event of rapid evolution of digital music players . Nevertheless, we can always relive the old memories , which is why the following gadgets and gizmos will find a special corner in your heart.

Boombox Cusion Speaker

Here’s a squishy boombox for you to rest your head on and have a soothing sleep in music. It’s a boombox-styled cushion with built-in speakers, and which can be connected to your iPod or any music player via its 3.5mm jack. The nerdy cushion boombox can be juiced up through USB for good playback hours. It’s quite a nostalgic creation reminding of the retro music player, but unfortunately there’s no word on its pricing or availability as of now.

Boombox-style USB media speaker with webcam

It’s a USB portable media speaker with webcam. The stylish boombox iPod docking system also has a 5 MP webcam. The system that boasts ultra-low speakers, supports external storage via USB and can be connected to any device with 3.5mm audio plug. It’s available in black and black-orange, the combination makes me sick though. Accompanying accessories include a remote Control, packaged with it. The USB portable media speaker with webcam will cost you $53.99, which doesn’t seem too wholesome.

LEGO Brick Boombox by Digital Blue

Reviving the retro boombox music sensation is this LEGO Brick Boombox. It isn’t a mere toy, but is a fully working digital boombox with stereo speakers embedded into a giant LEGO brick. Designed by Digital blue, it uses little pegs to work as volume and tuning controls, and can store up to 2 GB of mp3 songs. The LEGO Brick Boombox is available in various colors and sells for $90 each.

Miniature boombox iPod dock

Here’s a sweet replica of a classic boombox in the form of an iPod docking speaker system. The Boombox iPod Dock is a tiny portable device, measuring just enough to hold an iPod or an iPhone. The little boombox offers powerful stereo sound quality with integrated double speakers. The $18 iPod dock is compatible with almost all iPod types, however, the product page skips information on whether it’s USB powered or battery-driven.

Sony Trik iPod docks reviving the Boombox style

The Sony Trik iPod docks are party-perfect with vivacious colors, rocking boombox style and terrific sound output. Moreover, the docks are customizable with several graphic skin options from Skinit. With the output up to 75 watts, the dock can be used all your iPod models and iPhone. The Trik is now available for $129.95.

Mini Boombox iPod Speaker Pouch

FredFlare has designed this adorable mini boombox-style iPod dock. The best part is that this li’l thingie also doubles into a retro-chic clutch. Sporting metallic gold shell, the purse features a 1400 milliwatt stereo amplifier to play your iPod or MP3 player tunes. The Mini Boombox iPod Speaker Pouch sells for $24.

iPhone Boombox speakers

A Boombox for iPhone, isn’t it a beautiful blend of two generation of technology. The Santok Stereo boombox is a docking station for iPhone and iPod. The Santok SMC1000 Boombox iPod Dock retails for $150.00.

Recycled iPod Boombox

It’s green, retro and super chic. The supercool iPod boombox is a perfect eco-treat and it is even available for purchase at Urban Outfitters for $18.

DVD Player Boombox

What if the those audio tapes do not exist any more, we can play our DVDs on a Boombox. The Boombx DVD player features 7.0″ TFT LCD screen, an analog TV tuner (which is actually useless), a USB/iPod port, an FM Radio, support for MP3 and MP4 files, an SD card reader, and a remote control is included. The retro multi-media player is priced at $200.

Retro Boombox Bag

I love this bag, as it gets me nostalgic, has a unique retro style, and most of all it’s perfect for the music enthusiasts. The bag has a It has a “Cassette eject” on the front of bag for your iPod, iphone and Mp3 player etc.560402

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