Highlighting The 4 Most Popular Mobile Apps

Nowadays mobile apps and games are more popular than ever, with most people having access to these through either their smartphone or tablets.  Apps have become a big part of our everyday life, with everyone from stay-at-home parents, stock traders to high flying businessmen and students using them for a variety of different reasons.  Whether it’s as time-wasting games on the daily commute, or an integral part of working life, there does seem to be an app for virtually anything.

In the following post we will highlight just 4 of the most popular apps at the moment.  While the majority are games, they all are perfect examples of how much technology is involved in everyday life.  When mobile phones started to become more compact and less expensive for everyday folk, who would have thought in a mere 15 years we’d be using them to send random selfies to our friends and attacking inflated looking piggies with very unhappy birds!


Snapchat is particularly popular amongst younger Android smartphone users.  The premise behind the app is that you can send a video or image to someone, with a caption.  However, the sting in the tail is that there is a shelf life on these images or videos and once they expire, the recipient can’t see it anymore.  This means that you have to make a quick decision on whether you want to save it or just let the app delete it.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is one of those little gems that you often see in the app world – a well-executed, but extremely simple idea that goes on to become a runaway success.  The aim of the game is to, as the name suggests, flap a bird’s wings and get through various stages, flying higher and lower to avoid various pipes.  It may sound boring on paper, but once you start playing it you will find it very hard to put your phone or tablet down.


The mobile and tablet edition of the award winning PC and games console building game may not be free, but it completely worth the price tag.  The gameplay is just as addictive and inventive as its bigger brother versions on other formats and involves building towns from the bottom up using blocks and other shapes.  There are lots of objects, tools and modes such as Creative and Survival modes, so you are never short of fun and exciting things to do.  You can even take your character on little adventures exploring the world of Minecraft.

Plants Vs Zombies

Anyone who is after some silly, Farmville-meets-Zombieland style action should check out Plants Vs Zombies.  Basically, the game involves working your way through maps on various missions to fight against the reigning horde of zombies with an army of ferocious zombie-killing plants.  Plant them, water them and aim them at the nearest undead.  The gameplay is never too hard that you become frustrated, but as you work your way through the game you can collect cool power-ups and an array of better and more powerful plants.

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