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As you will know from reading our article about what to do when your PC breaks, your computers are likely to fail at some point. But, is it possible to see the warning signs before it packs up? Luckily, there are. Let’s investigate how to work out when your computer is about to die.

Poor Performance

If your computer’s performance levels start to decrease, it is sure sign that something is going wrong. General maintenance can fix most of your issues, but as it could mean that your hard drive is about to go, and it is essential that you check it out as soon as possible. Most PC makers provide diagnostics tools on their websites, and here’s where you can find the most popular manufacturer’s tool sets. Take a look at the Dell website for an example.


When your browser starts redirecting you or you start getting irritating pop ups every 10 minutes, it is likely you have downloaded a virus from somewhere. Move quickly to get it removed, as your computer could soon become unusable. There are plenty of excellent free anti-virus services like this one from Avast, which will eliminate those bugs efficiently. It’s worth pointing out that Apple Macs tend to have fewer virus issues than PCs.

Freezes, Stutters & Shut-Downs

Every computer will freeze, stutter or shut down completely once in a while, but if it is an ongoing issue then you need to check the integrity of your hardware. There are lots of reasons why this could happen, including overheating, motherboard damage or a failure at the power supply. Maintenance will help, but make sure you check that your hard drive is in good working order afterward.

Error Messages

The vast majority of modern PC’s and laptops come equipped with a self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology. This is known as SMART, and it will usually let you know if your hard drive is about to blow. If you see one of these messages stating a hard disk failure is imminent, then it is more than likely your hard drive will need replacing. Backup your data as soon as you can, as the next time you turn your computer on it may not work.

If You Are Worried

The best way to protect against computer ‘death’ is to perform regular maintenance. This is easy enough if you are a home user, but if you are in business it isn’t practical to check up on a dozen or so computers every week. It this the case for you, then think about getting a maintenance package. Bear in mind that if your business uses Apple Macs, you will be better off finding an Apple specialist like Core Technical Solutions. Make sure that whoever you choose uses certified Apple engineers to maintain your office. If they don’t, you will run the risk of making things worse.

Hopefully, this article has outlined what you need to look out for if you are worried about your computer packing up. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive, so regular maintenance should be your goal – especially if you are running a business!

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