Top 5 Tips for Online Dating

Online dating has radically changed how people meet each other and, consequently, how relationships start and develop over time. Arguably, these changes have occurred for the better. Random, often alcohol-fuelled interactions in pubs, clubs and at weddings used to be the prevalent way for singletons to meet and begin new relationships. Now love, or a … Read more

Major Technological Developments in the Construction Industry

Until the eighties, the construction industry was slow to pick up new technologies. However, since then, the rate of technology adoption has rapidly accelerated. Recently, global warming and new laws have forced architects to design more energy-efficient buildings, and advances in mobile and computer science have affected the way in which the whole industry operates. … Read more

Modern Oil Drilling Technology

As technology continues to advance, so does the oil industry. With over 4.9 million barrels of crude oil produced daily, it shows the importance of modern techniques to boost productivity and keep up with consumer demands. Modern oil drilling technology allows companies to find better ways to locate and extract oil that has yet to … Read more

Event photography – getting it right!

There are many occasions where people decide to hire the services of a professional photographer for personal or social occasions but businesses and companies are increasingly realising that photographing their events – charitable or otherwise – adds value to it. And, with the power of social media not slowing any time soon, it pays to … Read more