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Online Project management and up-to-date software are inseparable terms. The tech world may be growing too fast thus making it difficult to keep up. However, your projects are progressing as well, whether you notice the changes or not. Using modern project management software enables you to have an easier time planning, supervising, implementing, analyzing and reporting on projects. Subsequently, you produce better results and can actually boost your own career. For this reason alone, the following reasons should push you to upgrade your PM software.

Too Many Apps

The essence of using apps, software and other technological tools is to make work easier and not to complicate it. You should have few tools that perform numerous roles rather than a separate tool for each task. Modern project management tools offer many centralized project management features to help make better use of your time. For instance, if you want to take photos of your project to make a presentation or share progress with stakeholders, you do not need to move around with a camera, a cable and a tablet. You only need a tablet or phone with an inbuilt camera, storage space and probably MS PowerPoint. This will enable you to work from one device efficiently thus saving time and money.

Collaborative Storage

As you cover more milestones and sign up for more projects, the amount of data that needs to be stored also increases. You may find yourself in unpleasant situations whereby you have to delete old files to save new ones, or your computers start working slower than they should. This means that your hardware devices are not keeping up and it’s time to upgrade. The tech world offers an array of cloud storage options which are a must have for any development oriented project manager. Try companies such as iCloud, One Drive, Google Drive and Drop Box among others for cloud storage solutions. Or if you need to share and collaborate on company documents there are some new exciting business file sharing tools available.


Only authorized and relevant individuals should have access to your project management files and data. Unfortunately, as your team grows, security risks increase. Therefore, if the only security measure you have taken is a password on your office computer, then you need an upgrade. Invest in tools that protect your data from remote hackers, malware, and access by unauthorized persons.

Outdated Software

Your software properties should only indicate, “version 1.0”, if the tool has been released to the market recently or if you are living in the past. Software should provide frequent upgrades as seen with commonly used tools such as Adobe Acrobat and popular Browsers. These upgrades are better versions that can handle your ever increasing workload. Download newer versions or opt for new and efficient software. Moreover, you should not be performing tasks such as budget estimation, time tracking, and supervision manually. Invest in tools such as Resource management feature and Time Trackers to avoid common mistakes like overspending and wasting time.

Cloud-Based Project Management is Vital

As a project manager, your presence will often be required in different places at the same time. You might have to supervise multiple projects, each with pressing demands. Therefore, your software should allow you to access files from different locations using various devices. Software that only allows you to work from a desktop at the office is not ideal for you. Use tools that have apps you can install on your phone or tablet.

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