Event Planning and Technology

5 Great Tips to Follow When Using Tech at Your Event or ConferencePutting on a great event, whether it’s a tech event, sales conference or product launch is no easy task. It can be compared to spinning plates, while you fly fishing and making an apple pie.  It requires a wide range of different skills and lot of things you need to be aware of including your budget, time you have to plan before the event is due to happen.

Once you have a theme and goals in mind for your event though, you should be looking at where you are going to hold it.  Bell City offers a comprehensive range of packages and halls that are worth checking out.

Although technology can obviously add an interesting dynamic to the proceedings, along with that additional dimension it brings to the event or conference it also brings additional things you have to keep in mind and plan ahead for.

You have to consider how everything will connect and work together, both physically and within the plans of your event or conference.

In order to help you plan for the use of tech during your event, you will find some great tips and advice below.

Plan and Think Ahead

If you require the use of network services, whether wired or Wi-Fi, you will need to have a high speed internet connection.  If the venue does not have the appropriate level of connectivity you need, you will need time well in advance of the event to plan and put this in place and test it before the big day.

Keep It Relatively Simple

One of the major negative points of including a lot of technology in your event is that something that may have been relatively simple becomes increasingly more complex and complicated.  As a good rule of thumb you could think of it this way – if it can’t be explained in a simple conference call or diagram on a projector or something similar, it might be time to scale things back a bit.

Know the Risks

You should spend some time working with customers and suppliers to figure out the technology that are essential for your conference or event and always have a Plan B in place.

Make Sure You Have Get Help If You Need It

If technology is a crucial part of your event you need to think about what could happen on the night, for better and for worse.  If things go wrong, will you have the support you need.  This is also a vital question you need to ask the venue that is hosting your event, will they provide such help and will the help be in the form of a call centre or a physical presence at the event.

Increase The Profit from Your investment

There are many people who use technology for an event or conference but don’t think about using the end results to make more money in the future.  For instance, if you are streaming the event live online, could you make a copy of it and then break it up into small chunks to use for a campaign through your website or LinkedIn?

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