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Where you work doesn’t have to be boring; nowadays workplaces can be vibrant and fun. A great workplace can have a positive effect on its staff, leading to greater morale and improved productivity. Here is our list of awesomely designed workplaces.


If you love quirky offices, then Google’s London headquarters will interest you. Full of weird and wonderful places for staff to both work and relax, Google’s offices are truly something unique. One such interesting area within their offices is a space known as Granny’s Flat. This area is full of furniture and fittings that you would expect to see inside of an elderly woman’s home; no doubt this will bring back memories for many of being at their grandparents home.

You can images of Google’s offices here.


Many people find sitting on swings relaxing and a great way to think through ideas. The designers of Box’s office must have picked up on this as they incorporated swings into their office design.


One of the world’s most powerful social networking sites, Facebook has an office that echoes their ethos of openness as there are no dividers to separate its employees. There are also spaces for employees to relax, such as a video games room.

See more images of Facebook’s offices here.


Based in London, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ offices which were designed by office fit out company, Overbury, have stunning facilities with over 100 suites with their own catering facilities for client meetings. There is even an excellent fully staffed restaurant so that their employees can indulge themselves. You can find out more about Overbury by clicking here.

Innocent Drinks

Renowned for their quirky branding, Innocent Drinks’ offices also reflect their company’s character. Their offices feature benches, fake grass and a red telephone box providing their staff with a real outdoor feel.

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