Awesome Gadgets For Boosting Communication

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In a fast-moving business world, you need to do everything you can to keep up. For many business people it’s crucial to be able to stay in contact with colleagues, clients and customers at all times. The internet and other communications technologies make it easy to do this. There are hundreds of applications and hardware that helps you contact people all over the world. Whether you need to hold a remote meeting or send documents to a business partner, you can find software or technology that will help you do it. If your work day is packed full of communicating with other people, either in or out of the office, you need these tools to help you.

Calling and Conferencing

Much business requires people to contact others outside of their company premises. Some calls will be to other parts of the country while others will be to other countries entirely. Sometimes you only need to make a simple business call, like you could make from a mobile phone or landline. But even these calls can get expensive if you have to make them often. Online tools can make the process cheaper or even free. One of the original online phone apps is Skype, which allows you to make free phone calls to anyone with a Skype login. You can make standard calls, use webcams for video calls or use the instant messaging service.

However, sometimes you need to call several people at once. Coordinating a meeting can be difficult enough, without grappling with inadequate software. To start with the basics, Google Hangouts is a useful tool that allows you to have up to nine people in your conversation. A more sophisticated option is Cisco Webex, which you can use to share screens and create an online whiteboard.


Companies need to work together, even when people aren’t in the same office together. Whether you’re working with someone who’s across the room from you or someone who’s across the country, you need decent tools to help you. What you use will depend on what sort of collaboration you need. The Webex software mentioned above is excellent for collaborating while you hold a meeting or conference. But if you only want to share files, something like Google Drive is perfectly adequate. You can share a document and allow anyone to work on it, so there’s no complicated emailing back and forth.

Communication on the Move

Business travelers will know the pain of trying to stay in touch with the office while they’re on the move. You have to spend a lot of time grappling with WiFi connections on trains and in hotels, as well as struggling to receive a signal on your phone. If that isn’t hard enough, roaming charges when you’re abroad can be extortionate. The best way you can make sure you stay in the loop is by using a mobile hotspot. Put your favorite communication tools on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet and use your hotspot to connect to the internet wherever you are.

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