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Smartphones are incredible pieces of technology that have changed the face of modern communication. There is no faster growing market than mobile technology, with smart mobile devices replacing a host of other computing technology; for faster on the Go worldwide communication. 

Android smart phones dominate the mobile market, with the majority of the world’s population communicating through Android devices. The majority of all smart phones operate on Android; with little to no market share for Windows and Blackberry based devices, the only real competitor is Apple/IOS

Even though the iPhone has held its head high up against the countless Android devices, the reality is more and more users are turning to Android smart phones for their seamless integration and customization abilities. Most users simply operate their Android devices for very specific set tasks, which Android phones run smoothly and without any hassle. 

If you own an Android phone you wouldn’t be completely shocked to hear that your phone is capable of far more than its face value, much like online slots Canada it offers other rewards that you don’t always reasie. With an assortment of apps for Android your phone is a multi-tool ready to tackle just about any task. These tricks on Android phones will blow you away and show you secrets to your smart phone that you never knew were possible on Android based devices. 

Bring Your Phone To The Big Screen 

Android phones have allowed users to cast their screens on to larger displays like televisions and monitors for some time now. New Android phones do this better than ever before and from a simple touch on your drop menu. The new shortcut will have you casting your mobile devices screen onto a larger display in no time at all. 

If you’re having trouble seeing your cast/mirror shortcut button on Android, make sure you’ve installed the Google Home app for Android. Users might be familiar with this app because of Chromecast services. Simply launch the app, select cast screen/audio and finally select your chromecast. The compatible devices should now appear on your Android phone. 

Multitask With A Split Screen 

The new version of Android, 7.0 Nougat has incorporated an awesome addition to its software, which allows users to multitask on their mobile device more efficiently. 

Nougat allows users to run two apps side by side or in an over and under view. This is a nifty feature when comparing images, getting contact information or even taking notes on your Android phone.

To setup the feature simply display all your running apps. Drag the title bar of an app to the top or left of your screen and simply select the additional app you would like to display on screen. 

Change Up Your Display 

Android phones have a unique ability to customize the device. Users are able to take Android smart phones and customize them directly to daily needs. This single factor has been one of the biggest successes and selling points for Android software. 

If you own an Android phone and you’re struggling to see text or imagery clearly you can make your overall display enlarged in your phones settings. To enable this feature simply navigate to your phone’s settings app, then go to display settings. Once in the display settings touch on the font size option, navigate through the various sizes and set your preferred display magnification.  

Bring Back Notifications From Cleared

If you’re a little bit OCD, then you most probably clear all your notifications as they come in. Sometimes this is more force of habit than anything else and you may have lost some valuable information by swiping clear, unaware of what it is exactly that your Android phone was alerting you to. 

Users will be delighted that there is a way to review lost notifications on Android phones. To review recently cleared notifications simply touch and hold an empty area on your home screen. The screen-adjusting mode should now have popped up on your display, once it has select Widgets and find the settings shortcut. Drag the icon to an empty slot in your home screen and release it to drop it into place. 

Once the icon has been dropped into place a list will automatically be prompted on your display. Now, select notification log from the list and the notification history will be displayed for you to review. 

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