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If you own a small business in Oxford the chances are you don’t have much time to spend marketing and promoting your products. You probably don’t have a full-time marketing expert on your small business team – in fact, it is probably just you responsible for all aspects of sales and promotion. Thankfully the internet makes it easier for Oxford businesses to get ahead and stay ahead with their marketing. Here’s how to use the internet to your advantage for increasing sales and building brand awareness. These are quick and simple tips that take only a few minutes but could bring excellent improvements to your overall marketing campaign.

  1. Write Effective Headlines

A captivating headline makes all the difference to the success of a blog post or article. Using direct language and impactful words you can make people take notice of your content. Get some tips online on writing effective headlines and you can also use a variety of headline-generating tools to find good headline structures.

  1. Create Your Own Facebook Posts

It’s great to share, but you build brand awareness and following more effectively when you also create your own content. Organically created posts, when they are interesting and relevant, are more likely to bring people to you rather than another site. So if you see some breaking news, don’t just forward the source, create your own update based on the news.

  1. Recycle Content

But don’t make it boring. It is fine to re-share old blog posts on Twitter or Facebook, so long as the post is a good one. Many people will not have seen the post the first time, and if they did they probably like it enough to see it again. For effective website design Oxford businesses create sites that can be easily updated with new content. If you don’t have time to write a new blog post, recycle an old one that is still relevant today.

  1. Add a Successful Call to Action

Make sure that on your most popular page you have a strong, clear call to action. Check which page is getting the most views and make sure that you offer true value on this page and a solid way of people getting in touch or buying from you. Make sure that you regularly update your call to action reflecting current offers and promotions.

  1. Write a Blog Post in a Minute

OK, so not all blog posts should be written in just one minute but you can post something visual or short that helps build traffic and sustain interest in your brand. For example, you can find a relevant quote relating to your business (if you are selling children’s clothes, something about childhood would be great), post the image online linking to the original source, and add a brief line of commentary. An impactful photograph taken by yourself is also a good base for a visual blog post.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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