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Making a Good Impression Online

When it comes to creating a fantastic website, it’s all in the visuals.

It today’s technology-focused world, it’s vital to have a great website for your business. Potential customers make split second decisions, and if a website doesn’t make a good first impression, then they’re just going to click the back button and continue browsing the search results. Your site needs to look seriously stylish from someone’s first click to their last. Whether you’re creating your first website or your current site desperately needs an overhaul, here’s everything that you need to know on how to make your site as visually appealing as possible.

Design & Colour

You need to be placing an emphasis on design and colour. Colour has strong emotional connotations, so think carefully about the kind of feelings you want to inspire in someone who is visiting your site. Make sure that whatever colour you opt for, the text stands out and is easy to read. No one is going to hang around on a site that has, say, white text on a pale yellow background. Don’t have too many colours, shapes or other points of interest crowding a page either – keep things simple and easy on the eye. Working with experienced graphic designers means that you’ll get the best results.

Ease of use

A site needs to be easy to navigate if you’re going to attract business. A simple, drop down menu with links to pages that clearly state their contents (contact information, testimonials, etc.) will allow potential customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Remember, your website reflects your business, so you’ll be able to build reputation of being easy to deal with from your site alone.

Stylish content

Your website is only as good as the content you put on it, so don’t cut corners. Always hire a professional photographer to take the pictures for your site, so that your product will be shown in the best possible light. The same goes for your graphic design and branding too – particularly your company logo if it’s taking a prominent position. As for your website copy, be sure to hire someone with plenty of knowledge and experience of SEO and marketing to write it. This will make your site look more professional.

Mobile friendly

More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to browse the web. So it’s essential that your website works on mobile devices. If someone clicks on a site only to find that it doesn’t display properly on their phone screen or takes too long to load, they won’t stay around for long. Ask your web design team about creating a mobile site, and they’ll be able to distil your desktop site down to a smaller, simpler, but no less impressive one that’s suitable for mobile users.

A site that works for you

If you work with a reputable web design agency, you’ll be able to take advantage of your designer’s skills and experience, as well as having a lot of creative input yourself. Creating a site that’s truly representative of your business and brand should be a collaborative effort. Once you find a graphic design company that’s right for you, then that’s what you can look forward to.

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