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If you’re new to online gambling, there are probably a lot of questions that bug you with how the whole process works and one of those questions is bound to be: is the whole thing safe? This is a normal and healthy fear, especially when you consider the hundreds of stories of people getting scammed out of their money or identity online just by entrusting their information to the wrong place.

However, with the advances of modern technology and cyber security measures, online casinos became just as safe and secure as land-based casinos, without any reports of thefts and information hacking among the top websites online.  In fact, they’ve become so safe that even their mobile apps and platforms offer the convenience of depositing, the safety of which is likewise guaranteed by the levels of security they’ve so carefully created. If you don’t believe it, just visit and see how popular mobile casinos apps really are, which would never have happened if it weren’t for security and safety.


First Line of Defense

The first layer of security that mobile casinos add is the SSL/TSL protocol. If you haven’t heard about it before, the SSL/TSL is a security protocol that makes sure your information stays encrypted while the casino’s site and your computer/phone communicate.  In simple terms, any data that you send, like your name, address, or your banking information, is encrypted via the protocol and sent to the casino’s server, where it can only be deciphered by the casino’s computers.

SSL is the former version of the protocol, while the TSL is the new improved one. You can usually find out whether a casino has one by checking for the watermark of the SSL/TSL protocol on the main page of the casino. If you’re skeptical about the protocol, just remember that SSL/TSL is the same thing all banks use to protect your data.

Second Line of Defense

Online casinos are not financial firms and as such most of them will not directly take your credit card deposit and process it. The casinos focus on providing great games and entertainment and that’s why the financial aspect of what they do is normally processed by an outside company who specializes in e-payments.

Their second security measure is the companies they choose to process their transactions. Most casinos choose companies that have their own security measures and a long reputation of reliability and safety, which makes it double hard for anyone to abuse your credit card information, since they would have to hack both the casino and the company itself. The information for who handles the banking transaction can be easily found on the casinos website, or you can contact the support and ask for it yourself.

And just like they have companies that handle their card transactions, casinos also use various e-wallets like Skrill, Paypall, Neteller, etc, each with their own security layers and measures, so that you can avoid typing in your card info if you still feel unsafe.

The Casino Itself

The bottom line is that all casinos rely on their player’s happiness to stay in business and they are very unlikely to let anyone scam you or abuse your private information, just like any bank would. This is especially true for trusted casinos with a long reputation online. That’s why you should always choose a trusted casino that has both encryption certificates and trusted payment methods available. If anything less is offered, you’re better off keeping your money to yourself. It is always a good idea to use the best secured credit card when making payments online.

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