Geeking Up Your Life: Top Gadgets You Need To Buy Today!

If you are anything like me, you will have more than a passing interest in technology and gadgets in general! Although they might not want to admit it, even people that aren’t interested in gadgets still enjoy using them!

Walk around any home or place of work, and you’ll find people using all sorts of gadgets. Do you want to geek up your life? If so, this blog post will give you examples of the best technology to have in your home or at work!


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We all know of the benefits that mobile phones bring to our lives. They let us communicate with other people when we’re out and about. We can also send and receive text messages for non-urgent communication.

These days, mobile phones are more like portable computers! Smartphones, as they’re called, offer so much more functionality. You can surf the web, run “app” software, and even send and receive email messages!

There is an array of smartphone devices that you can buy. The most popular handsets are the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. Smartphones come in a range of sizes and prices, so you are bound to find one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Being a gadget geek, I’ve been using smartphones for many years now. I think it’s safe to say that I would be quite lost without my smartphone! Just don’t blame me if you buy a smartphone and are always using it!


Let’s say that you are stuck on a train or waiting for your plane at the airport. You can use your smartphone to go online and surf the web. The only downside is that smartphone screens aren’t that big.

One answer to this conundrum is to use a tablet! In a nutshell, tablets are the same as smartphones. The only exceptions are that the screen size is much bigger, and you can’t use them to make and receive calls.

The beauty about tablets is that they are lightweight. You can put them in your bag, your briefcase or even your pocket! They offer excellent battery life and can provide hours of entertainment when you’ve got some time to kill.

They are also a great business tool too. Many business people use tablets for presentations, for example. And workers often use them for video conferencing “on the go.”


Sometimes you just want the best of both worlds. You want a device that offers the same functionality as a smartphone. But you want it to be a similar size to a tablet. What can you do? Well, you can always buy a device called a “phablet”!

Examples of phablets include the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Phablets combine the best bits of smartphones and tablets into one device. If you want to keep your gadgets to a minimum, phablets are one way to do so.

Gaming PC

I’m sure you will have seen games consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. These are great gaming gadgets and millions of people use them each day. The only downside to consoles is that they don’t offer the same functionality as a PC.


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Rather than buying a PC and one or more games consoles, why not buy a gaming PC? Companies like Chillblast building gaming PCs for a living. You can usually find a suitable spec for the genre of games you like.

And do you know what the best part of all is? You can still use gaming PCs like “ordinary” computers too! That means you can run your Office software, surf the web and send some emails.

I have a gaming PC at home. It’s great having just the one gadget for doing work and playing games on. Space is at a premium at my home, so it’s a good way for me to make better use of my living room!

Smart TV

Today’s flat-screen TVs take up little space and don’t use much power, unlike their CRT predecessors. We use our TVs to watch all sorts of programs.

Some folks even hook up their gaming PCs and computers to them for the “big screen” experience! But did you know that you can buy a “smart” TV? At this stage, you might be wondering what a smart TV is.

In a nutshell, smart TVs allow you to access all kinds of interactive content. You could watch YouTube videos or play music from Spotify using them. You could even access music and video content from a networked media server in your home or office.

Some even let you play some cool games too! Most of today’s LCD TVs are “smart” models. If you’ve got an old TV, you should consider upgrading to a new smart TV. There are plenty of deals on new TVs from retailers, so you’re bound to get a good deal from somewhere!

Nespresso machine

Do you enjoy drinking quality hot drinks? If so, it can be a real chore boiling a kettle and preparing your tasty drink. But what if I were to tell you that there’s an easier way to do this which can save you time and money?

Nespresso machines are popular gadgets for the home and at work. All you do is insert a cartridge into it and top the machine up with water. The machine then boils the water and dispenses an awesome drink for you!

You can choose from hundreds of different hot drinks. And, for the most part, you can even recycle the used cartridges too. There’s also no mess when your drink gets made. And it’s much quicker to make a drink than with the conventional method.


Last but not least, another must-have gadget to get is a drone. It’s a gadget that flies which you can control with a computer or conventional RC controller. If you stick a camera on your drone, you can use it to take some spectacular panoramic aerial footage where you are!

Just make sure you don’t fly your drone in areas with restricted access like military premises!

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