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The world is a different place to that of just a few years ago, and this is in no small part due to the advent of the computer as the main core of business and commerce. Indeed, computer systems also play a major part in the home and in daily life – you are most likely reading this on a portable device such as a laptop, tablet or even your smartphone – and you may not realise how much information you have online – in both business and personal terms – that is of interest to unscrupulous persons who may have the technology to get at it.

Identity theft is a real problem – many people, and businesses, have had information stolen from them that can be used online – and because of this, more people than ever before are choosing to use a VPS. What is a VPS? It stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is a clever and simple way of keeping your location and identity hidden when online. Using a VPS has many benefits, and you will be surprised how cheap it can be to subscribe to a VPS and increase your online security levels considerably.

Why You Need a VPS

The problem of online identity theft is a very real one; it’s all too easy to take the ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach until, unexpectedly, it does happen, and you find your online banking details have been hacked. The beauty of a VPS is that it hides not just your location, but your true identity. Clever hackers use your IP address to find out who and where you are; with a Windows VPS server solution you get by this problem by using a unique IP address that is allocated to you when you log on, so nobody knows who you are.

There are further benefits to using a VPS; if you travel regularly you will have encountered geo-restrictions on available content. This means you may find yourself away on business in a far-flung country and discover you are unable to stream your favourite TV show. This is because the local servers, through which your information is passing, are programmed to bock content from certain countries or providers. With a VPS, you can choose to go via a server in one of many countries across the world, and therefore pretend that you are in the US, the UK or one of a choice of other countries, and access the blocked content you want to see.

Using a VPS

Once you sign up to your chosen VPS you are free to go; they are surprisingly affordable, easy to set up and simple to use. You will find that the control panel takes you through the process easily and quickly, and in minutes, you will be browsing as normal, with your location and identity hidden, and able to download all the content you want. Check out VPS Server in more detail for all the information you could possibly need, and enjoy risk-free browsing from now on.

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