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How you deal with storage says a lot about the type of organisation you are. From charity fundraising to hedge fund management, every office needs storage space.

Even if you have made huge progress towards the Holy Grail of the ‘paperless office’, there will always be a need to keep hardcopy files, if only for accounts purposes, HR records or compliance requirements. Then there are working documents, books & magazines and general ‘stuff’ that everyone who works in an office should be able to store effectively, tidily and safely. And what about extra IT equipment, product samples, office supplies and kitchen paraphernalia? It all has to go somewhere.

Many people would go as far as saying that you can never have enough storage, but in the world of commercial property, space equals money, which means your office may be smaller than you would like. With office space being at a premium, you need to think smart:

  • Smart in terms of maximising the use of the space that you do have, so that everyone can work productively without wasting time looking for important documents amongst piles of papers, and safely without tripping over things.
  • Smart also in terms of outward appearance – you want your clients to see a calm, professional operation at work, not disorganised chaos.

As you can see, it’s not the ‘stuff’ per se, it’s how you deal with it that counts. Here are 3 clever ideas to help you streamline the look of your commercial operation while packing some serious storage punch.

Storage Wall

If you’re serious about hiding the clutter and optimising the use of your workspace, modular storage walls must be the ultimate solution. Designed to your particular specifications, these floor-to-ceiling units can incorporate cupboards, shelving, drawers and filing cabinets. Go one step further and fit out the interior with coat hooks/rails and pigeon holes, or even a sink and a fridge!

Storage walls are available in a range of finishes, including traditional wood, contemporary glass and metal and high gloss melamine in funky colours. They can also be used as room dividers and partitions. Whether you’re a building firm or a design agency, there’s every opportunity to choose the right storage combination for your business.

Media Wall

Does your office need to double up as a board room for meetings and presentations? A media wall is a great solution for bringing together performance and design. It’s a clever way to incorporate AV equipment – screens and projectors, whiteboards and flipcharts, videoconferencing equipment and associated IT infrastructure – into workspaces, keeping everything in one place and hidden from view until needed.

Media Walls are tailored to your business requirements and can be added to whenever the need arises. Combined with a Storage Wall, you could have all the functionality your office is ever likely to need!


Staff lockers are nothing new; shop floor workers in retail and manufacturing are well acquainted with their use. But with office hot desking policies becoming ever more popular, lockers may provide a useful answer to the rising cost of commercial office space. Why not give your employees a safe, personal space to keep their possessions by allocating each their own locker?

In terms of aesthetics, today’s lockers are a far cry from the grey monstrosities of yesteryear. Bright, contemporary finishes designed with the modern office in mind; they also offer a choice of locking mechanisms, including electronic access.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the technology and design industry – working with a selection of companies including Complete Interior Design, who were consulted over this post.